The Future of Game Development

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The Future of Game Development

The future of game development is AR/VR. It’s huge and it’s here to stay since it offers a more immersive experience that engulfs the player

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To gather insights on the current and future state of Game Development, we talked to eight executives involved in game development in some form or another. Here’s who we spoke to:

Here's what they told us when we asked, "What’s the future of game development from your point of view - where do the greatest opportunities lie?":


  • AR/VR is huge and it’s here to stay. More immersive experiences. More social aspects. The ability to talk to fellow gamers to be in line with the game and away from the real world.
  • VR for simulations is easier than for games. Games must entertain and work on a lot of different media.
  • VR and AR with more tools. Apple’s release of AR on the new iPhones. The Harry Potter AR experience in 2018. Movie makers using VR. Seeing more games as a service versus boxed products.
  • In the very long term, VR is a huge opportunity of course, but I don't see that being relevant at ALL in the next year or two years or even 5 years. We're in a period of benign neglect on the opportunity front for games. I'd call it a contraction but it isn't shrinking, it’s just growing slower than it was earlier. When Steam really hit its stride in the mid-2000s and then Humble launched the concept of game bundles in 2010 we had this massive one-two punch of places to be seen that really hadn't existed before. It was coupled with the rise of YouTube lets players as a media platform for exposure. Now we still have all of these things, but there haven’t been any really innovative ways to distribute the product. Keep your eyes open for the next real distribution opportunity. It's been 7 years now since the last major twist, so we should be due for disruption over the next 3-5 years… and if that doesn't happen, hopefully, VR will be ready for prime time!
  • Well, AR and VR will be very big and areas that have not been traditionally gamified. I see these as being the future of gaming. In education, the ability to combine adaptive learning and distributing curriculum/gaming content across devices is a significant evolution in EdTech.  But other technologies like machine learning and AI, that aren’t currently a huge part of game dev will play a larger and larger role in the future.
  • So many areas are independent of one another. Augmented reality is coming out. Voice is very exciting and we’re just beginning to learn the capabilities. There will be moments of surprises – that’s what we all hope to create. Choose which area of gaming you want to go into, dive in and create something new and different.
  • We saw the possibilities with AR/VR in Pokemon Go is massive. More social – online and in person. Mobile devices are getting more powerful so they’ll be able to host more powerful games. There will be fewer games that require you to always be connected, browser-based.


  • 1) Active gaming system with real-world physical progression. 2) Connected ESports will plateau with connected Esports bringing in physical objects. 3) Reward gaming with real-world gifts dropped off by drones or delivered by courier.

  • Most companies would answer this question in tech terms, saying the best opportunity is on handsets or AR for example. That’s certainly technically true, but for us the greatest opportunities lie in finding new audiences and new demographics that will play our types of games – then engage that audience on whatever medium makes sense, using all of the available technologies and devices to do so. There are many untapped demographics that we have yet to target and we’ll go where the tech goes, but aren’t driven primarily by technology trends.

  • I think the greatest opportunities are for unique voices to arise and use the medium of games to tell their story. We have had a lot of similar stories and projects through the years and I can’t wait to hear from new voices. The industry is similar to film in that we have your huge studio AAA projects, and your more indie projects. Both are necessary and awesome but the indies tend to do more unique and interesting things. We will see a lot of storytelling through VR in the next 5-10 years, as well as the rise of AR.

What do you foresee as the future of game development?

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