How GDPR Affects Site Users From the US

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How GDPR Affects Site Users From the US

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The new European regulation regarding the protection of data has affected the entire world, including the US, China, and many other countries, taking into consideration that every company that deals with Europeans’ personal data are required to comply with it.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, and Amazon have started to notify European users about their new conditions, in order to respect the recent European legislation.

Although GDPR attempt to protect users’ data and forces companies to ensure that they obtained a “free,” “specific,” and “non-ambiguous” consent from the users to access their personal data, it affected both the users and the companies and websites.

Blocking European Users

Many sites decided to block the European users a day before GDPR was set in motion, because the fines are extremely high, regarding breaking the regulation about protecting personal data.

We can consider that, through this extreme measure, sites lost important traffic provided by European countries and even lost the sales, depending on the type of business. In addition, the regulation that was adopted by some US sites privates Europeans' access to information.

Decrease in Sales

Some online shops have reserved the right to stop selling products or services to Europeans because of the GDPR. It is understandable that the penalties are extremely high, but, in this case, GDPR affects both the income of the shops and companies, which concentrate their activity to the online world and the users that no longer have access to the shops/sites.

All of this caused a decrease in online sale. Thus, other online shops decided to adapt to the new data protection rules and “opened their gates” for the Europeans.

Negative Impact on Users

When GDPR was first set in motion, hundreds of emails were received from sites, forums, and online shops about where they placed personal data of their users.

It may seem insignificant, but the moment your phone is full of hundreds of emails is not a pleasant one.

Moreover, when the users entered a site, they were assaulted by the pop-ups that needed to be completed in order to give their consent for processing the data, a situation that is unpleasant, especially when you are looking for a product on more sites or forums.

GDPR and the Costs of Companies

GDPR forced big companies to respect the new regulations to avoid ugly contraventions. Companies have invested a huge amount of money in hiring experts to protect data, which has provided jobs for correcting their activity and procedures according to GDPR, in order to conform to all the regulations.


The year of 2018 has been marked by the effects of the GDPR. The impact is reflected on users, companies, and the desire of protecting personal data of European traffic. This made GDPR backfire on the users that were deprived of the information, goods, or services of the companies outside the European Union.

This article was written by Daniel Smith, Specialist Marketing Online at the Promos Agency.

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