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The Google Full Monty: Chrome + Canvas + Gears + GWT + App Engine

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The Google Full Monty: Chrome + Canvas + Gears + GWT + App Engine

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Me thinks Google Chrome is the most significant and worthy app that Google has produced since Gmail. It's remarkable on its own merits.

However, Google is actually establishing an entire stack. Let's list it from the client tier toward the server tier:

* Google Chrome
* Canvas
* Gears
* GWT (for development language and tools)
* Google App Engine

Yip, this is definitely a Full Monty stack. When taken altogether, they make for a rather remarkable web development stack. Any developer can grab these items and start building software. Google App Engine is available in a developer download that can be installed on a local server. It's all free and mostly open source. Ultimately Google App Engine service will cost of course, but if you architect on this stack, that service should be scalable on a cost basis that is pretty much linear.

What do folks think?

Does this pretty much define the web computing platform stack for the next 15 years?

Is Google positioned to have a strong-hold on developers' mind share comparable to that which Microsoft has had via Windows?

Because Google will be sifting information at a much more intimate level than Microsoft ever did, will they truly remain a company that does no evil?

Is it possible to possess the information reach they have and not succumb to evil?

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