The Impact of Wearables on Web Design

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The Impact of Wearables on Web Design

The rise of wearable tech means website builders need to be aware of the way people view content. Here are some recommendations for building sites with wearables in mind.

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One of the most trending words these days is wearable technology. The headway in this tech field is the only reason why these gadgets from science fiction movies are quickly becoming an essential part of our daily lives. Wearable technology is everywhere, whether it is the healthcare sector or the entertainment industry. And surely, it greatly influences the technology sphere.

Wearable technology not only impacts the world of technology. And not only daily activities are being affected by these gadgets. Wearable tech is actively playing a significant role in a plenty of other sectors as well. In a plenty of ways, they affect businesses as well. And the web designing field also receives different experiences due to the appearance of wearable technologies.

Let's have a look at how.


In the era of wearable tech, responsiveness is the least necessity for web design. Earlier, computer screens were the only place where one could view websites on the internet. So, websites were created in a single size. But with the advent of responsive design, that has greatly changed. And the surface of the wearable tech ensures the complete use of responsiveness. Websites are now created with an intention to fit into various types of gadgets, watches, goggles, and more. So, responsively creating them definitely makes them aligned with wearable technology.


In the hectic world that we live in, it is crucial for every individual to be more informed. This yields better chances of making something influential. Also, the information needs to be with the person right at the moment. So, real-time information is necessary. And that's something wearable technology helps an individual with.

Wearable Tech Provides Information Fast

Websites must be designed in a manner so that they load pretty fast. Designers here should use light web page elements. Furthermore, the code needs to be clear and simple so that the website quickly loads. Additionally, popups should also not be a part of the wearable tech experience. Otherwise, bounce rates will be high.

Minimalist Design

So, what are the best ways to quickly load a website? It isn’t tough to spot the right way to design a website that correctly loads — and loads within less time. And this is possible with minimalist design. Minimal design requires minimal components. Accordingly, the websites are lighter than ever before and load quickly. As a result, the user gets all the information in the blink of an eye. Embrace minimalist designs to make the most of the wearable tech. The minimalistic design ensures that the content is getting the right attention and people don't miss anything.

Must have Large Fonts

Finally, the size of a wearable gadget's screen isn't too large. So, a web designer has to be cognizant of the readability factor while designing a website, which should properly display in these gadgets. Having small fonts on a website makes the website poorly readable on wearable gadgets. In this case, most visitors will abandon the website, which increases the bounce rate. Necessary and apparent steps should be taken while website designing. Website fonts should be large in size. Large fonts improve the user-experience to a great extent.

Wearable technology is a no longer a futuristic thing. Already, there have been a lot of wearable tech devices introduced. These are influencing the web design world to a great extent. And to stay in the loop, trends in the web designing sector can expect to experience some changes.

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