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The Latest DevOps Webinars from DZone

If you missed these live webinars, don't worry! You can watch the recordings anytime to catch up on CI/CD for Cloud-native Applications and much more!

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CI/CD for Cloud Native Applications on Kubernetes

Teams often spend days manually setting up Jenkins pipelines and implementing continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) effectively. In this webinar, you will learn an automated approach to develop and deliver cloud-native apps on Kubernetes, including:

  • The pillars of continuous everything (integration | testing | delivery | deployment)

  • Jenkins declarative pipeline-as-code and other best of breed solutions involving Helm, Skaffold, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud etc.

  • GitOps, a great way to manage environments, applications and app versions

Our speaker, Juni Mukherjee, is a thought citizen in the DevOps space, and is a product marketer at CloudBees. She has helped small, medium, and large organizations implement the continuous paradigm and has led projects that improve Time2Market. She has worked across diverse domains like identity, security, media, advertisement, retail, camera, phone, banking, and insurance.


How to Find the DevOps Strategy That Best Fits Your Needs

What happens then when we apply DevOps strategies innovated at companies like Amazon and Starbucks to our mid-size applications? Do they fit?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to approach DevOps at a mid-size company--how much should we automate? If we can’t afford to stress test everything, how do we choose which pieces to test? Should our devs work on development tools to expedite their process in the future or spend time on the features we need to ship? When do we turn to DevOps tools like Chef and Puppet?

How can we avoid getting our heads stuck in the armhole of a shirt that doesn’t fit? We’ll investigate how to answer these questions, and how to make the most out of others’ success.


Continuous Delivery: A Pragmatic Approach to Mitigating Risks

Watch Jesse Gibbs, Head of Product, and Ivan Gomez, Customer Success Engineer, present a webinar on practical ways to mitigate the risk of Continuous Delivery through real-time application error monitoring.

If you're not familiar with error monitoring, this webinar will introduce you to the key concepts and benefits tools like Rollbar provide to developers and DevOps teams.

We demonstrate how specific Rollbar features help developers in companies like Twilio and Instacart feel confident shipping software dozens of times per day.


Uncover the Hidden Value of Your CI/CD Pipeline

Today's world is driven by rapid change. Failing to keep up with the competition and an ever evolving business models might lead even a large corporation to collapse in the blink of an eye.

Dev teams need to release faster and better: improving the time-to-market and product quality, is the essential recipe for business to succeed. When something goes wrong with a software release, the costs associated can be overwhelming: leveraging the learnings behind a failure business can improve and thrive.

Learn how to analyze the development process and estimate the risks attached to a software release. Collect the CI/CD logs and uncover the hidden value of your pipeline traces to show how to drive the continuous improvements of the Development Process.


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