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The Malware Maze [Video]

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The Malware Maze [Video]

Security experts break down how malware works, and how hackers tend to attempt to deliver malware to their victims' systems.

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Cyberattacks on sensitive data have made far too many headlines in the recent weeks. Each attack differs in execution, but one thing is often the same - malware is making its way into the network and it's spreading like wildfire.

With the increase of breaches occurring on a global scale, enterprises need to be prepared now more than ever for the chance of an attack. Some malware follows a distinct, methodical path of destruction.

For example, it starts with delivery through malicious emails or URL links. Once a link is clicked, the malware scans for vulnerabilities in the system and, once it finds one, installs through the security gaps. It can then communicate with its host and execute what it's designed to do - exfiltrate data.

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