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The Modern Data Estate

Hybrid multi-cloud is necessary to manage multiple data locations and the deluge of data sources.

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I had the opportunity to hear Judy Meyer, VP Microsoft One Commercial Partner, WW ISV Global Team and AI Advocate at Microsoft during the opening keynote at DataStax Accelerate 2019 outside of Washington, D.C. Judy specializes in spatial data mining and holds nine patents around that technology.

Judy shared her thoughts on how the world of the developer is changing and her suggestions on how developers can thrive.

The world is running on software – cars, homes, businesses, apps, everything leverages data. Zettabytes of data is available at our fingertips to provide insights and make lives easier and this is what consumers demand. It's led to the success of companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Lyft.

Modern experiences today rely on a modern data estate with data being stored in different data locations including operational databases, data warehouses, and data lakes and this tsunami of data from an increasing number of different sources.

To ingest, manage, and analyze this data, hybrid storage with a consistent experience regardless of where the data resides is required. You need to be able to access past and present data and predict the future using data.

Azure enables developers to manage the modern data estate and provides the capabilities to build the next generation of modern hybrid applications. Azure search makes searching for code easier, enables users to gain insights from data with open source support. Most people are surprised to learn that 51% of Azure compute is driven through Linux workloads

Azure AI includes pre-built AI models (Azure Cognitive Services) and custom AI models (Azure Machine Learning) with features including: capabilities, decision category, personalizer, ink recognition, form recognition (able to read forms and extract content), conversation transcription, Azure cognitive search – (immersive search experiences across any data).

Developing on DataStax/Azure is easy with modern apps built on Apache Cassandra with a highly flexible and trusted hybrid cloud. Built-in AI helps you to transform your business with your data. DataStax is available in Azure marketplace services for the public cloud or Azure Stack for on-prem with 95% of Fortune 500 companies currently using Azure as they pursue a hybrid multi-cloud strategy.

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