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The Most Important UX Trends for 2019 [Infographic]

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The Most Important UX Trends for 2019 [Infographic]

User experience is only growing in importance in development, and these trends are growing with it.

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Few industries are as dynamic as user experience design. The reach of the industry is so broad that I’m sure there are a multitude of trends bubbling to the surface at any given month.

This makes it a challenging endeavor to isolate every industry development, or even name the most important ones.

I’ve made an attempt nonetheless. The UX design trends I’m predicting to be big next year are based on a mixture of market data (buying numbers for Alexa and Google home) and patterns in the work we’ve been doing at DePalma.

If there’s a common theme among these trends, it’s that rather than break totally new ground, say with biometric technology or facial recognition software, the majority of designers will focus on refining experiences for somewhat established technologies.

Voice is the most obvious example, because it’s momentum has been building for years.

But 2019 might finally be the turning point when voice becomes less of an ancillary marvel and more of a fundamental interface that designers must account for.

The theme continues with trends of content-focused design. This may seem like a truism at first glance, but there’s a definite pattern of minimalism growing among the experience designs of some of the largest platforms on the planet.

The idea is that the threshold for learning navigating new experiences is (in most cases) so low that the best solution is to overtly emphasize the content — thus a trend of seemingly minimally-designed experiences that pull almost everything back but the content.

Of course, this consistency means leads to better usability, because every interface is now more or less meeting the same mental model.

Like the infographic shows, this is particularly relevant to mobile, where the choice of apps is a vertabile jungle. Again, mobile UX is far from ground-breaking technology, but the deficit in user attention means it will be a big focus for designers in 2019.

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