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The Perfect IT Ops World

A fun GIF post to look at what a perfect IT Ops World would look like for al the frustrated devs out there.

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Imagine a perfect IT Ops world far far away from Earth. A world where IT Ops live happily together and where they dominate the world. Could you imagine this? Here are 10 points we think you will see in this perfect IT Ops world. 

1. No more answering support emails.


2. Your wife, family and friends fully understand your job. No more awkward explanations at birthday parties.


3. IT failures will be automatically resolved.


4. Always be able to choose and work with the best tools to do your job.



5. Your manager always allows you to buy new and cool hardware. 


6. No more chasing bugs and dealing with mistakes of others.


7. You don't have to hide from sales people trying to look for your (technical) help.


8. Your deploy never breaks other stuff. 


9. Stop drowning in alert notifications. Stay focused.

10. No more late evening or weekend requests from your boss. You're a free man.



Unfortunately this world seems a bit unrealistic. However, at StackState we're determined to simplify the lives of IT Ops. There are a lot of great tools available and we don't want to replace them. StackState acts as a portal to all your tools – they are just a click away so that you are always in control.

We're planning to make StackState available as a download. Sign up and you’ll be the first to use StackState!

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