The Product Owner Actually Owns the Product

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The Product Owner Actually Owns the Product

A DZone MVB and Scrum expert discusses the importance of the Product Owner role in Scrum, and how they function like a mini-CEO for their product.

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The description of a Product Owner's work reads as no existing job summary. "Product Owner" is not just a new name for the old roles and titles originating in the industrial beliefs that dominated businesses and society far too long.

Our dependence on software and technology keeps accelerating. We live and work not only in a globalized but also in a digitized age where technology, knowledge, and the availability of information prevail more than ever, through a variety of technology products more than ever. Product Owner is a new, modern role, that fits that new world.

The Product Owner, within an organization, actually owns the product, is a product-CEO. The Product Owner is the many-faceted servant-leader in an eco-system revolving around the product, an eco-system that stretches beyond the borders of the organization that creates the product. The Product Owner is a strategic role, that is still ignored too much.

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Published at DZone with permission of Gunther Verheyen , DZone MVB. See the original article here.

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