The Secret to Accelerating Digital Transformation? Transform Testing

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The Secret to Accelerating Digital Transformation? Transform Testing

Transforming your organizations won't happen until your transform your testing. Learn about the conference that focuses on reinventing software testing.

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Accelerating digital transformation is increasingly a top concern for CIOs—and everyone who reports up to them. Even though software testing is consistently cited as the #1 obstacle for accelerated software delivery, few organizations have addressed testing as part of their digital transformation strategy. That must change.

Reinventing testing is essential for achieving the speed and agility required to thrive in the digital future. The select organizations that have already gone after this “low hanging” fruit can attest to how transforming software testing accelerates innovation while improving cost efficiency and reducing business risks.

But the question remains: how does your organization get there? Few companies have the luxury of building a new quality process from the ground up. And most need to address extremely complex systems and regulatory requirements—as well as avoid disruption to business-critical operations. So how do you realign your well-established quality process with the unrelenting drive towards “Continuous Everything?”

That’s the primary question that Accelerate San Francisco aims to address. The premier Continuous Testing event in the Bay Area, Accelerate SF is now less than a month away (May 7-8). Our goal is for attendees to learn how their peers are tackling this challenge, and walk away with ideas, best practices, and inspiration for optimizing their own quality strategies.

If you’d like to attend Accelerate SF as our guest, register before Friday April 27 using the promo code TRIBLOG.

Here are the top things that I’m personally looking forward to at Accelerate SF 2018:

Transforming Testing in the Real World

We’ll hear firsthand accounts of what drove companies like Experian, Vantiv (now Worldpay), ExxonMobil, Sentry Insurance, Royal Bank of Scotland, and WoningNet to transform their testing processes. From century-old companies with extremely complex systems and stringent regulatory compliance requirements, all the way to startups that run their business entirely through a mobile app, everyone is experiencing the same pressure to “just speed it up.” Learn what strategies worked for these different organizations and get their tips on steering clear of common pitfalls.

The Next Great Debate in Software Testing

Yes, this “bonus session” is at 8 am—but I promise that the passionate debate will keep you wide awake. Although the debate itself is all in good fun, the topic is dead serious: it’s about the future of the software testing profession. Do we still need professional software testers? Are developers better prepared to test, especially amid all the pressure to “shift left?” Are SDETs (Software Development Engineers in Test) the future of testing—and, if so, what skill set does that role really require? Wolfgang Platz (Tricentis Founder and Chief Strategy Officer), Jeff Wilkinson (Managing Director of Accenture), and Anders Walgren (CTO of Electric Cloud) will be taking on those issues, as well as questions submitted at the conference and via social media.

Bonus: Watch the debate livestream on Tuesday morning.

CIO Roundtable: What CIOs Really Think About Software Testing

Emmet Keeffe of Insight Venture Partners will host a roundtable discussion on software testing. You can expect a lively discussion on the game-changing digital transformation initiatives currently on the CIO agenda—and how software testing impacts their ultimate success. The goal is to move the discussion beyond the buzzwords by looking at specific examples of digital transformation initiatives already in the works.

A Broad Spectrum of Industry Perspectives

Accelerate is designed to foster an interactive exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices that will help software testing professionals address the demands of digital transformation. From Nicole Forsgren, Ph.D., the industry’s top DevOps scientist, to Accenture’s AI and test automation experts, to consultants from Infometis, The Testing Consultancy, and Infostretch, to experts from Sauce Labs and QASymphony, you will gain access to a diversity of viewpoints, as well as countless opportunities for collaboration, networking, and your own “great debates.”

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