The State of SAAS Today [infographic]

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The State of SAAS Today [infographic]

Sales doubled since 2010, Salesforce is king, and much more in this great infographic from SAAS Addict.

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Software as a service has skyrocketed in terms of popularity and growth in the recent years. The SaaS industry has allowed for so much innovation, it’s incredible to look at a timeline of such development. Every so often, I find it useful to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of the lifecycle of the product I like to blog about.

Below is an infographic by Staff.com, which outlines some of the most drastic accomplishments in the SaaS industry in the past couple years. They present important information such as the global SaaS revenue from 2010-2015 and show a comparison between SaaS and packaged software sales. Personally, I find the list of the top SaaS companies to be some of the most useful and interesting information here. The numbers and statistics are great, however learning about your competitors and their methods is a very useful tactic. Still, Salesforce, which is often considered the founder of the SaaS industry is number one! Showing how significant original ideas are in the field.

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