The Top 10 Data Science and BI Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter

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The Top 10 Data Science and BI Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter

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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence are both fast-paced worlds. New trends are coming up quite frequently, and if you want to do a good job and improve your skills, you must keep yourself up-to-date. Even though there is plenty of information online (including whitepapers or case studies displaying current trends), it can be difficult to digest all the information published online and find the time to read important news.

Instead of looking for new trends on your own and reading tons of newspapers to stay informed, what about using social media in order to learn new things? According to a study, people spend an average of two hours and 22 minutes per day on different social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Some of that time can be used for reading the thoughts and updates from the most important Business Intelligence and Data Science influencer online. They will keep you updated with daily posts, experiments and case studies — the ideal way to improve your skills and stay updated.

Top Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Influencers on Twitter

1. Kirk Borne

If you want to learn more about Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, make sure to follow Kirk Borne @KirkDBorne. He is working as a Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen and Executive Advisor. He has currently 229,000 followers and is one of the top Data Science Influencer to follow.

2. Ronald van Loon

Do you want to keep up with Big Data, IoT, Data Science, Deep Learning and Machine Learning? It’s time to follow @Ronald_vanLoon. He always shares interesting videos with the most important CEOs and interesting graphics.

3. Yves Mulkers

@YvesMulkers is one of the most important influencers when it comes to Data Science and BI. He is the founder of 7wData and uses his account to share information about relevant events, interesting articles, and news about other experts in industry.

4. Tamara McCleary

You’ve surely heard of @TamaraMcClearly before. She is the CEO of Thulium Co and is a technology futurist. She currently has 303,000 people following her Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence news on Twitter

5. Ian Goodfellow

@goodfellow_Ian is the lead author of deeplearningbook.org and fascinates thousands of people on Twitter. He shares his best book and article recommendations, as well as his thoughts on the latest trends and updates.

6. Cindi Howson

Cindi Howson @BIScorecard is the Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot and shares news on Business Intelligence and Analytics. She currently has 25,000 followers, and her account is quickly growing.

7. Ray Wang

@rwang0 is one of the most popular founders, authors, and principal analysts.

8. Howard Dresner

The chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services @howarddresner covers different subjects on his Twitter account such as Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Make sure to follow him in order to not miss the latest trends.

9. Marcus Borba

@marcusborba is another name that shouldn’t be missing on your list. The founder and principal consultant of Borba consult will deliver you the latest BI news.

10. Carsten Bange

@carstenbange is the founder of BARC, and even though he hasn’t thousand of followers (yet), he regularly shares new updates and interesting articles and is a potential influencer.

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