The Top Books a Junior Developer Must Read in 2020

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The Top Books a Junior Developer Must Read in 2020

There are some excellent ways a developer can sharpen their skill set today — but sometimes a book might hold all the answers.

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Whether you are new to the world of developing or are fairly experienced, you have probably realized at some point that focusing solely on your job isn’t the best way to build up your skill and knowledge. There are some excellent ways a developer can sharpen his skill set today; pair-programming, meetups, online courses, and mentors are all great, but sometimes a good old book might hold all the answers you need.

Agree? If so, keep reading for the top recommendations for a developer.

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"Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software" by Eric Evans

To scale large code-bases, it is necessary to split code into separate parts. By partitioning code, multiple teams can work on the system without interrupting others.

This book by Eric Evans is somewhat technical and might seem difficult to grasp but if you familiarize yourself with the concepts, it will help you better understand how the larger companies of today are able to keep code bases manageable and scalable.

"The Pragmatic Programmer" by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas

The Pragmatic Programmer has been widely praised because it is easy to follow and understand, especially given the complexity of the subject. The authors are experienced programmers who introspectively look into their past work and determine if there is a better way to do things. This book includes many essential philosophies and detailed advice that will help a developer the next time they write code.

"The Clean Coder" by Robert C. Martin

Unlike the two above, The Clean Coder isn’t really a book about the technicals of coding but instead focuses on teaching developers how to be a professional and continue delivering quality software under pressure and uncertainty.

The book consists of advice on refactoring, estimation, dealing with workplace conflict, testing, and how to avoid burnout – all from a person who has decades of experience with developing. Probably the most important lesson it teaches you is to respect your art and know when to say no and how exactly to say it.

"Shaping the Reality of 2050" by Marco A. Calamassi

This book is not for sale anymore, but I had to cite it because it shaped my mindset the most when it comes to visualizing the future we'll be living into. As a coder, I always keep a clear image in my mind every time I'm asked to build and code.

Marco A. Calamassi outlines the digital environment that will emerge and thrive in the upcoming decades and depict coders as the architects of that era. This implies that ethic and morale will play a big role in our profession.

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