The Top Resources Around the Web For Learning Selenium WebDriver

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The Top Resources Around the Web For Learning Selenium WebDriver

These free and paid tutorials will help you learn about testing with Selenium WebDriver, the test automation tool for web apps.

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If you've found that manual testing just isn't cutting it anymore, your first instinct might be to learn Selenium online in attempts to catch up with test automation.

Learning by yourself is a tall task, but it has been done before. Luckily, since so many people have gone through the same thing, there are plenty of resources for learning Selenium - you just have to know where to look. That's why we've rounded up some of the highest rated and most popular tutorials, videos, and websites to help you get on the right track to test automation.

Free Tutorials

  • Guru 99 Free Selenium Tutorials - Guru 99 is a go-to source for testers, and their Selenium tutorials do not disappoint. In an effort to turn to from a beginner to a Selenium automation pro, these sequential tutorials cover everything. Even if you don't follow the order, the Selenium tutorials is a great page to bookmark and go back to if you get stuck.
  • Selenium Easy - Selenium Easy offers automation testing tutorials with working step-by-step examples to help you through the fundamentals on to more advanced concepts. They even have a demo site full of basic examples to get you practicing with Selenium off the bat.
  • Selenium WebDriver Training with Java Basics - Udemy offers an abundance of courses to learn Selenium. Some of the more extensive classes can get pricey, but this free class is a great option to get started and learn the basics. The course is highly rated and reviewed and promises to train you to automate any web-based application with Selenium by the end, even teaching Java from scratch.
  • Richard Bradshaw's Free Selenium WebDriver Course - Richard Bradshaw a.k.a. The Friendly Tester is no stranger to the bustling test community. One of his biggest claims to fame besides being the Ministry of Testing BossBoss is his Free Selenium Webdriver course. Covering drivers, navigation, locators, interactions, and much more, the text and code is supplemented by videos on The Dojo to help you get better acquainted with Selenium.
  • Selenium Tutorial - Tools QA has a Selenium Tutorial for learning the basics in Java. This is for anyone who's brand new to automation since it goes through learning Java and setting up Selenium, but there are guides for everything. You can move on to learn more advanced Java actions and more complex Selenium commands, plus there's plenty of information about frameworks and even Continuous Integration.
  • Software Testing Help - Software Testing Help is another great support system for testers trying to make the transition to automation, and these tutorials start from basic concepts through advanced topics like framework creation, Selenium Grid, and Cucumber BDD. As you make your way through these tutorials, you'll find that writing an automated script is much more manageable than you previously thought.
  • Selenium 101 Series - Our comprehensive Selenium 101 Series gives you the tools you need to succeed with test automation. By tackling the most common Selenium challenges, CrossBrowserTesting provides a convenient and digestible resource for polishing your skills, including features like our interactive Selenium anatomy, knowledge quiz, and test automation ebooks.

Paid Tutorials

  • Selenium 2 WebDriver Basics With Java - Alan Richardson is another tester whose name you'll see often. This paid course is an in-depth look at Selenium WebDriver and its usage patterns and aims to increase your ability to write effective automation code. Alan's extensive experience makes him a great teacher, making this is a popular course that always receives rave reviews.
  • Automated Web Testing with Selenium - Pluralsight hosts this intermediate course to help you level up your Selenium skills by helping you use C# to automate browsers with the Selenium API and distribute tests with Selenium Grid. The course also highlights the implementation of a simple framework to use with Selenium to make tests more maintainable. Pluralsight offers other courses in addition, which means you can keep building your skills after you're done.
  • Complete Selenium WebDriver with C# - Build a Framework - Nikolay Advolodkin is very talented when it comes to Selenium, which means that this course is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to improve their tests by building their own framework. As the #1 Selenium instructor in the world, following his footsteps will put you on the road to the master class.
  • Selenium Academy - CrossBrowserTesting - This course shows you how to use our Selenium grid for your tests including how to run tests on mobile devices. While you do need some prior knowledge, it's a great resource for getting started with a robust cloud testing tool like CrossBrowserTesting. In addition, Selenium Academy has an entire course catalog in your preferred programming language covering everything automation.

Other Resources

  • Selenium HQ - If you want the most accurate information, go straight to the source. Selenium HQ has all kinds of helpful documents to help you get up and running.
  • Ultimate QA - In addition to Selenium tutorials, Nikolay also regularly blogs and publishes lots of informative resources for familiarizing yourself with Selenium.
  • The Automated Tester - Another blogger, David Burns knows how to talk automated testing. He's constantly publishing great content and even has some Selenium training available.
  • Selenium Conference - There's no better way to learn from the experiences of people that actually use Selenium than by going to an in-person conference. Selenium Conference is the place to be if you want to break into test automation.
  • Twitter - Many people have been in your shoes before, and even the most skilled automation engineers had to start somewhere. The good news for you is that most of them are very active on Twitter and are constantly sharing their tips, tricks, and advice when it comes to test automation, so be sure to check them out and give them a follow.
  • Stack Overflow - Got questions? Here's where you come for answers when you hit a bump in the road. Stack Overflow is where over 50 million developers and testers go to share their knowledge, so you know there will be someone to help out with any kind of problem you run into, no matter how small, specific, or simple it may seem.

Testing is an active industry, and the community is constantly talking about ways to automate more effectively. Fortunately, this means you have many resources at your disposal to learn Selenium. This list includes some of our favorite content but just skims the top of everything that's out there. Take the time to talk to other testers and see what worked for them, practice often, and you'll be writing your own tests before you know it.

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