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The Weekly DevOps Roundup 10/26

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The Weekly DevOps Roundup 10/26

Prepare for Halloween with an extra spooky new DevOps roundup of the best DZone content from last week.

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Who else is ready for Halloween? I know I am. I have my music all picked out:

Here are some great articles to prepare you for the spooky world of software development, including a presentation from SpringOne2GX, using IAST to keep your pipeline secure, five steps to get started with automated testing, and an exploration of why semantic versioning is important.

Deploying Spring Boot Microservices with Containers and Kubernetes - Pieter Humphrey

A presentation from this year's SpringOne2GX conference in September. Ray Tsang with Google walks through the process of creating a Java microservice with Spring Boot, then containerizing it with Maven plugins and deploying those microservices with Kubernetes. Its a really informative talk that should help a lot of people who are working with microservices and Kubernetes in particular.

Automated Testing in a DevOps World - Michael Floyd

New DZone MVB Michael Floyd walks through five steps to start working with automated testing. It's a summary of the foundation while also diving into how to code some example test scripts with the Capybara testing framework.

7 Advantages of Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) - Jeff Williams

We all know continuous delivery is under attack from the security strawman who wants to make sure the application meets every standard imaginable, but it's entirely possible to implement security testing into DevOps methodologies and do it well. This article covers the advantages of interactive, rather than static or dynamic, application security testing, including the ability to scale and code coverage.

How to Create Version Numbers That Are Actually Semantic - Olivia Glenn

DZone user Olivia submitted a really great article to moderation 

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