The Weekly DevOps Roundup: Uber, Airbnb, Docker Training, and Monoliths

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The Weekly DevOps Roundup: Uber, Airbnb, Docker Training, and Monoliths

With the first week of November upon us, fall into DZone's best DevOps content.

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Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Soothe your candy hangover with some of the best content from last week, including why we should look beyond unicorn success stories, testing at Microsoft, a great Docker training course, and why microservices aren't necessarily the answer. 

Is "Look at Uber and Airbnb" the Best We Can Do - Neil Ward-Dutton

After hearing a lot of speakers urging others to look at Uber and Airbnb at a CIO conference, Neil Ward-Dutton tears down the argument of "disruption for disruption's sake," and reminds us that all these cool tools solve real issues with great technology. It's how we use and understand this technology that will help organizations become more agile in the future, and it's entirely possible to look beyond Uber and Airbnb.

4-Day Docker and Kubernetes Training - Christian Posta

MVB Christian Posta was nice enough to share his deep-dive containers training course with us, which he usually just shares with customers. You have a breakdown of what each day covers, as well as slides for each day. If you're going to kubecon.io next week, you can catch him there.

The State of Testing at Microsoft - Robert Maclean

I really enjoy hearing about how big software companies approach some fundamental issues, so this talk from MVB Robert Maclean was really neat. Robert provides slides on what tools Microsoft uses and the changes taking place in their development vision.

In Defense of Monoliths - Bozhidar Bozhanov

This one had a great conversation in the comments between people who completely disagree or see merit to the argument. Bozhidar looks at the microservice hype and why he feels it's necessary to take a step back and examine the benefits of monolith architectures. Feel free to leave a comment over there if you'd like to be part of the conversation!

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