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The Wireframe Tools You Should Know in 2017

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The Wireframe Tools You Should Know in 2017

Wireframing tools can be a huge timesaver. This overview of wireframing covers tools like Sketch, Framer, and Simulify and discusses their benefits.

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If you are building a mobile app, then you must know the importance of wireframes. Sketching wireframes is the best way for you to develop a tangible mobile app that people can relate to with ease.

What Is a Wireframe?

The term wireframe might sound unfamiliar but when put in context, every mobile app developer knows what it is. Wireframes are representations of the skeletal structure of a mobile app. To get a better understanding of wireframes, you can relate it to a building’s blueprints.

Therefore, wireframing is an important thing to do when developing an app. You will need some tools to get you started.

The Best Mobile App Wireframing Tools in 2017

Here are some of the leading mobile app wireframing tools that you can use in the year 2017.


Sketch is one of the best mobile app wireframing tools that you can use this year. Mobile app designers prefer to use this tool because it puts a lot of focus on the final UI/UX design. As a powerful tool, Sketch brings out professional results when used. Another benefit of Sketch is that it does not dwell only on wireframing, but also visual design and vector logos, which are all important when developing a mobile app.

Sketch has a simple design that makes it easy to use. Even with all its professional features, beginners in mobile app development can still use it with much ease.


Another great wireframing tool that you can use is Framer. There is absolutely no limit to what you can design with Framer. Many starters are using Framer due to the relatively simple way it works. It has an auto-code feature that makes coding very easy. You do not need to have advanced coding knowledge to use this tool. Furthermore, it allows for live editing from any device you are using. This means that you can manipulate your wireframe as much as you want to offer the best results and develop an amazing app, such as Showbox apk, which has an engaging interface suitable for its functions.

Lovely Charts

Lovely Charts is yet another great wireframing tool that you can use to develop a great app design. It is a diagramming app that allows its users to create professional-looking diagrams of different kinds. You can create diagrams such as wireframes, sitemaps, flowcharts, organization charts, and business processes for satellite internet, among many others. This clearly shows that Lovely Charts is an important tool that goes beyond wireframing. It is also quite easy to use and gives professional results.


Simulify is an effective tool that you can use for your professional wireframing needs. If you want to get it right for the first time, then you can use Simulify for your mobile app wireframing. The app is simple, quick, and elegant, you can employ the services of owdt, also you can create your mobile app wireframe within a short time but still find it to be a professional app. It also allows you to share your creations with people and get feedback so that you can make the necessary adjustment to your app’s wireframe before settling on the final one.


This is an intensive wireframing tool. UXPin has a simple interface that makes it easy for mobile app developers to create highly interactive wireframes and prototypes with much ease. It has various features with usability testing as one of the unique features. This feature allows you to execute design decisions quickly and effectively. Another reason why UXPin is considered among the best mobile app wireframing tool is that it is efficient, allows for testing, and rollout stages. As a dynamic tool, you can use UXP in to create complex mobile app wireframes from scratch. You can build wireframes compatible with multiple devices using UXPin.

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