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The Wow Factor Behind Successful Agile Transformation

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The Wow Factor Behind Successful Agile Transformation

In this article, an Agile practitioner talks about the process of going from Waterfall to Agile, and the mentalities that must be acquired by the team.

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Early in my career as a software engineer, I never thought about process – to be honest, it was irrelevant in the large scheme of things, just something that hampered my team’s progress. Fast forward to today and here I am, making process, or more precisely, ‘methodology,’ front and center in everything I do. I could have never imagined it would be so important! And Agile? No way! True enterprises don’t do Agile, won’t work for us. Now that’s all I talk about. Funny how things change.

I was at the Agile 2017 event, speaking about the future of Agile and meeting lots of practitioners and methodologists like myself who have seen great strides in the growth and popularity of Agile at scale. Read on to get a recap of my session Do We Still Need Business Analysts and Systems Engineers? Now More Than Ever!

In this session, I talk briefly about the future of Agile and the importance of what some may consider traditional roles in this new world. I remember well what it was like to be an engineer… that’s where I started my career. Today, I am a solution architect, a role very much aligned with business analysis and systems engineering, and I have realized that there is so much value in knowing both the business and engineering perspectives.

In fact, Business Analysts and Systems Engineers are the new sheriffs in town, wearing many hats, from designers to advocates, and they work closely with their customers to not just help organization speed delivery cycle time, but more important to ensure faster time to “happy customer.” This is the fundamental wow factor behind an organization’s Agile transformation.

Consider three essential tonics for your Agile transformation:

  1. Delivery of value: It is not just about engineering anymore, it requires knowledge and collaboration between business and engineering, working together to achieve the desired customer value.

  2. Focus on business analysis and systems engineering: Enterprise scaled Agile specifically addresses the new sheriffs in town. Business Analysts and Systems Engineers are the organizational change agents defining new solutions and innovation.

  3. Outside-in “design thinking”: It is a key element of successful product and software delivery of the future. We need design thinking to bring together a unified vision to wow not just the customers but also the executives and business stakeholders. This approach will help to get to the “Why” before the “What” behind the very idea of doing it. Agile will remain a foreign word until you try your hand at it.

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