There is no "best" web framework

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There is no "best" web framework

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From Mike Clark's blog, I learned about a number of TED Talks. As a fan of Malcom Gladwell, I was drawn to What we can learn from spaghetti sauce. In this talk, he talks about the research that Howard Moskowitz did for spaghetti sauce and how it changed the food industry forever. Here's a couple of quotes I wrote down:

"When we pursue universal principles in food, we aren't just making an error, we are actually doing ourselves a massive disservice."
"The difference between coffee at 60 (% satisfied) and coffee at 78 is the difference between coffee that makes you wince and coffee that makes you deliriously happy."
In embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find a sure way to true happiness.

Can this thinking be applied to web frameworks as well? What if it's not about choosing the best framework for your type of application? What if it's all personality related?

What if there's types of developers that really like the Wicket Way, there's others that love Tapestry and others that think Rails/Grails is the bees' knees? Oh yeah, there is. It's entirely possible that one developer can be extremely productive in Tapestry and another one can be just as productive with Spring MVC - isn't it?

If you listen to Gladwell and believe Moskowitz's research - wouldn't you be doing a huge disservice to other developers by trying to get them to use a framework they don't like? If they don't like it, that's OK. Different people think in different ways and some frameworks may be easier to grasp for a certain personality type.

What do you think? It seems entirely possible to me.


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