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These Companies Are Hiring Java Developers Now!

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These Companies Are Hiring Java Developers Now!

Find your next career move in this round up of the latest and greatest job opportunities for Java developers on DZone Jobs.

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DZone Jobs launched a little over a week ago and already there are some great opportunities for Java developers who are looking for their next career move. Whether you are looking to find the next step in your career, or a remote job with better flexibility, you might just find a fit in these jobs.

Java Developer – Database Connector
Location: Manchester, UK
Experience: 5+ years in software development

Senior Java Engineer
Location: 100% Remote
Experience: Strong development expertise in Java with additional experience with JavaScript frameworks

Full Stack Developer
Location: 100% Remote
Experience: Strong development expertise in Java and at least intermediate experience with JavaScript

Solutions Engineer
Location: 100% Remote
Experience: 3+ years in software development

Java Developer
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Experience: 3+ years in Java

Consultant/Instructor (Java & Akka)
Location: Remote
Experience: Experience: Akka, and Play - with deep technical skills in Java, Spark, the Typesafe stack, and functional programming concepts.

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