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Things that could affect the adoption of cloud computing.

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Things that could affect the adoption of cloud computing.

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The hype received by Cloud Computing in recent times has been quite instrumental in increasing use of the platform by more and more users. With each passing day more and more services are taking the cloud route. Be it apps or any software everything has something to offer in the cloud. From Software as a Service to Everything as a Service the cloud is getting ubiquitous day by day.

Despite the growing usage of the cloud and its implementation in more and more services there are certain things that could seriously impact the adoption of this ubiquitous platform.

The main issues that could affect the on-going growth of cloud computing are as follows:

Bogus cloud services

There are many service providers who do not completely get the idea behind the cloud and just in order to cash in on the opportunity start offering cloud service which in reality is only a customized version of their existing services. These services are far away from a true cloud solution and only work against the platform by misleading users which do not completely understand this great platform.

Many users who fall for their cheap promotion would later find it unworthy and would consider the cloud as a whole to be futile and a waste of time impairing the growth of the whole industry and the cloud platform as solution.


With many bigger conglomerates’ simply choosing to acquire a small but innovating company the options available for users to select from get reduced. The uniqueness and innovation no longer exists and the reason for a user to use a particular unique cloud service also dims.

Although the user could still use a similar service from the bigger company but they may not do so due to their lack of interest and the kind of service they expect might not be the same either.

This is a big factor which affects use of cloud computing services as users find all solutions similar and do not see any benefit in using them.

Lack of knowledge about cloud

Many business owners simply choose one or the other solution based on rules of thumb. Without carefully analyzing a particular solution one cannot determine how it would be beneficial to their businesses. In order to derive maximum benefits from any kind of business solution it is essential to understand one’s business needs first and then accordingly seek a solution that would cater to those requirements. Deploying a hybrid cloud solution may not be necessary for a small business and it would also call for an increased supervision and maintenance which may not be feasible for such a small business. This would put stress on resources and would work against their business objectives of reducing expenses and need more management time.

Understanding which solution suits your business best is the key to finding the right match. Unless do that you could end up with something that you do not need in the first place and would pay lot more for something that you did not need at all.

Ambiguity about the ‘TRUE’ Cloud concept

Since there are still many who do not clearly understand what a true cloud solution is and how they can leverage from such a solution to the advantage of their business.

The existence of various versions of an actual cloud solution and the lack of information about cloud computing and understanding as to what will act as a great hindrance to the use of cloud as a whole.

Therefore, it is important to first completely understand the concept of cloud and then find the right solution to derive the maximum benefits. Without carefully understanding a particular solution it is difficult to leverage the true potential of the cloud and it would not be possible to get the best returns on such an investment.

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