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Things You Need to Know if you are a first Time iPhone App Developer

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Things You Need to Know if you are a first Time iPhone App Developer

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Starting out on your app making journey can be both challenging and fun. There is a lot to learn while you are in the app marketplace and while experience will fetch you more money, innovation and a dedication to learning new skills always brings in new projects and work. You would probably find hundreds and thousands of competitors trying to edge past you to get that important project.

However, as they say, when the going gets tough the tough gets going.

If you are a first time app developer there are 7 things you should know before you start developing your app. This will help you prepare better for the journey ahead.

  1. Learn from others experience:  Always research thoroughly on the topic before you start developing. Even if you have started coding, continue your research. Talk to other people who have made apps before. They will definitely be able to help you plug the gaps.

  2. Be clear about your requirement: Having a creative idea is the first step. After that you have to explain the idea to the developer in a crystal clear manner. It is imperative to the development process that the app developer understands your requirements and knows his capacity. It might happen that you have a very innovative idea but he isn’t able to implement it.

  3. Don’t create an app, create an experience: there are millions of apps being launched in every platform every day. You will have to make an app which will make the user first download your app and then continue to use it. Create an experience the users can’t get enough of.

  4. Have strong technical support: Always be prepared with the systems and databases to support your app once it goes live. They are the backbone of your app and it is important that a swanky app is backed up by sufficient firepower.

  5. Investment after launch: Okay, so you’ve paid the developer who created the app and launched it. Now do you think you’ll be able to earn sitting on your hunches? Sadly, no. You need to invest in legal advisories to create the T&C for your app. You will also have to invest in PR agents for online promotion.

  6. Take feedback from friends: It often happens that the creator fails to see flaws in his own creation. So it is important that you tell your friends and family about the app and take into consideration their suggestions. You will discover this turns out to be a very fruitful exercise.

  7. Do not think about the money from day 1: Instead, focus on building up a strong portfolio at first. Concentrate on creating a good product and publicising it properly. The money will start pouring in automatically.

You might try to do in a while lot more when you’re starting out, but it is important to not jump the gun. Deadlines are important and do not take more on your plate than what you can eat. There’s a time for everything, choose your projects wisely and understand whether you can do the job. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends and developments – higher pay needs to be complemented with the relevant skillsets too.


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