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Think Global, Act Local: The Key to an Agile Business

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Think Global, Act Local: The Key to an Agile Business

What does digital transformation really mean? Learn the importance of being active and decisive across the enterprise in the modern business landscape.

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Companies crave speed and responsiveness, but the fact of the matter is that many organizations are operating more slowly than ever.

Caught in Hesitation

Executives want to be nimble. They strive to operate in real time—in fact, these are some of the top motivations that power digital transformation. But despite the desire for agility, businesspeople get caught in hesitation. They wind up working in terms of months and years instead of minutes and hours. By the time they develop a new strategy, it’s already irrelevant.

For example, one report from CEB found the average time it takes to deliver an office IT project has increased by more than a month over the last five years. Another study conducted by Demand Gen Report found that nearly half of companies are experiencing longer purchase cycles compared to just one year ago. Glassdoor Economic Research also discovered that the average recruiting process takes 10 days longer now than it did four years ago. These are just three processes in a sea of many.

A startling number of companies cling to outdated paradigms, afraid to move on from the way things have always been. There is a tangible sense of inertia, making it difficult to change course. Familiarity breeds comfort, but it also leads to stagnation and complacency.

Be Bold, Be Agile

In a marketplace driven by technology, companies that refuse to quickly adapt get left behind. Competitors now come in every shape and size, as enterprises no longer need huge salesforces, deep wallets, or cherished brand names in order to be industry innovators and market movers. Technology empowers those who are willing to pivot on a dime, rewarding businesses that embrace a digital transformation strategy.

Established systems, structures, and committees can be major roadblocks that impede agents of change. Fortunately, becoming an Agile workplace doesn’t have to start at the top; it’s something that individuals can do in their own teams and on their own projects. In essence, think globally but act locally—work within your company’s established guardrails, but be flexible and dynamic to impact your own work and department.

Whether you’re rethinking policies, rebuilding technology infrastructure, or redesigning customer experiences, the “think global, act local” approach can be applied universally across departments.

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