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AI Deep Dive: The Machine Learning Edition

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AI Deep Dive: The Machine Learning Edition

Up your machine learning knowledge by checking out the top machine learning articles on DZone, key machine learning resources from elsewhere on the web, and more!

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This month in AI, we're continuing to do something a little different. In the past, we've looked at a variety of topics in these posts — like last month, when we talked about deep learning, regulation, and making machines behave. But like we did for Big Data and Database most recently, we're going to wrap up the month with a deep dive into one topic. This time, it's machine learning!

The AI Zone is the newest Zone on DZone — and it's also a new concept to many developers. While the idea of AI has been around since the 1950s, AI is just now becoming fresh in everyone's minds. And while we've all heard about killer robots and machines taking over our jobs, this type of AI is something different. It's real, and it's here to help us! There's a lot to it (and you can get a brief overview in our AI glossary), but in this edition, we're going to focus on machine learning.  

Learning Machine Learning on DZone

Check out the top five machine learning-related articles on DZone below. These articles are best read in order, so follow along and enhance your machine learning knowledge!

  1. Machine Learning 1.0 Over Coffee by Denis Canty. In this introductory post, get a high-level understanding of the process behind machine learning. Read it in just a few minutes over your morning coffee to get a preliminary understanding before diving into anything more complicated.

  2. What Everyone Should Know About Machine Learning by Gero Presser. Now that you have a basic understand of machine learning, get a little more into nitty-gritty to understand exactly how machines are able to learn patterns from examples to carry out tasks completely on their own.

  3. 3 Machine Learning Algorithms You Need to Know by Eleni Markou. It's time to dive into a particular subset of machine learning: algorithms. Walk through three major categories of machine learning algorithms that will allow you to solve confidently a large range of data science problems.

  4. Data Structures Related to Machine Learning Algorithms by Luba Belokon and Peter Mills. Algorithms are pretty important in machine learning/artificial intelligence, so let's continue to get more specific and learn about data structures that are related to machine learning algorithms, like the ones discussed above. 

  5. Demystifying AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning by Carol McDonald. Now that you know about AI, you might be wondering how it relates to similar terms like artificial intelligence and deep learning. Well, you and the rest of our audience — this is the most popular article in the AI Zone! Come check it out like all the rest of the cool kids are.

PS: Are you interested in contributing to DZone? Check out our brand new Bounty Board, where you can apply for specific writing prompts and win prizes! 

Be a Machine Learning Machine

Let's take it one step further and check out some resources and latest news outside of DZone!

  1. MLconf. The Machine Learning Conference, or MLconf, will take place on November 10, 2017 in San Francisco, CA. MLconf is a place to discuss recent research, applications, and methodologies in the world of machine learning. The events last one day each and consist of 14-16 presentations that are each about 25 minutes long. Register here!

  2. The Promise of Artificial Intelligence. This report from Data Innovation showcases 70 current use cases for AI that you couldn't have imagined in your wildest dreams — and many of these innovations would be impossible without machine learning.

  3. Google says machine learning is the future, so I tried it myself by Alex Hern at The Guardian. A developer outlines his attempt (and struggle) to adopt machine learning for himself. While this article is from 2016, I'm sure it will remain relevant as new developments solve old problems but create new ones.

Dive Deeper Into Machine Learning

  1. The DZone Guide to Big Data: Data Science and Advanced Analytics. Explore the critical capabilities in next-generation self-service data preparation tools and dive deep into applications and languages affiliated with big data.

  2. Recommendations Using Redis. Learn how to develop a simple recommendation system with Redis, how to use commands, and how to optimize your system for real-time recommendations in production.

Take Your (Machine) Learnings to New Heights

Below are a few machine learning-related jobs that may pique your interest. Feel free to check them out and apply today!

Sr. Python Software Engineer
Spoken Communications
Location: Seattle, WA, United States 
Experience: Knowledge of algorithm design, data structures, and complexity analysis; experience building large, scalable, distributed systems and working with Python web frameworks.

Software Engineer—C&E Security
Location: Redmond, WA, United States
Experience: Good understanding of efficient data structures and algorithms, as well as principles of object-oriented design; 5+ years software development experience shipping customer-facing products or online services.

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