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This Month in Cloud: Orchestration, FaaS, and War

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This Month in Cloud: Orchestration, FaaS, and War

Big news this month on the serverless/FaaS front! New tools and analyses galore! Plus, check out what's going on in the container orchestration world.

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Serverless, containers, and microservices, oh my! In seriousness, this month saw a lot of articles around the web about container orchestrators, serverless computing, and performance, and there have been a few exciting new tools, too! Take a look at how the clouds are starting to form.

Looking Cloudy Out

  1. Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm and the Google Cloud Platform, by Naveen Balani. In hindsight, I'm not sure if it's surprising that Kubernetes might be a preferred tool for GCP, but this article provides insight into how Docker Swarm and Kubernetes work with Google's Cloud.
  2. Running Code With Spring Cloud Function on AWS Lambda, by Gyula Lakatos. Spring Cloud Function came out last month! It's always nice to see FaaS lovers get something new to play with. If you like serverless and Spring, this is worth your time to read.
  3. Orchestration With Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Mesos, by Rachel Howard. And we're back to container orchestration! Remember, Kubernetes and Docker Swarm aren't the only players in the game. Apache Mesos has its own benefits, so let's see how all three compare and contrast.
  4. Distributed Logging Architecture for Microservices, by Siva Prasad Rao Janapati. Microservices, you say? Well, as great as microservices can be, they make logging a nightmare. Fortunately, here's a sample architecture to consider for dynamic logging capabilities.
  5. AWS System Blueprint for a Startup, by Gaurav Gupta. Sometimes, you just want to some solid, practical advice. So, here's a sample blueprint for a hypothetical mobile startup that should help you reap all of the benefits AWS offers for everything from scaling to user management to notifications.

Going Stormchasing

Azure Container Instances

Last month, Azure launched a public preview of its long-awaited Azure Container Instances. DZone MVB Sam Cogan talked about his thoughts on the new tool, including what separates it from the well-known Azure Container Service. Basically, with ACI, containers are first-class objects, and the tool has been designed for ease of use. That comes with some tradeoffs, and some functionality that isn't there yet, but it's definitely worth looking over.

To Serverless or Not to Serverless

We're pretty big fans of serverless/FaaS here at DZone, so it's easy to forget how new it is. Here's a report by Andrew Froehlich at Enterprise Cloud News that talks about what he thinks is holding serverless back from more production environments — from both the enterprise and the application point of view.

War Were Declared

Image title

So it's no secret that Walmart wants to stop Amazon from... well, completely destroying it. It's to the point that they've openly stated that they don't want to work with Amazon in any capacity, including doing anything to encourage AWS. So, what does a war look like between the two? This solid piece on CloudTech covers who's going to win and lose from this epic battle.

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Diving Deeper Into Cloud

  1. Refcard: Getting to Know Google Compute Engine

  2. Guide: The Cloud: Native Development and Deployment

Join us in exploring application and infrastructure changes required for running scalable, observable, and portable apps on Kubernetes.

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