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This Month in Cloud: Showdowns, Security, and the Edge

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This Month in Cloud: Showdowns, Security, and the Edge

Containers, orchestration, serverless, everything-as-a-service, and even thinking beyond the cloud altogether. Here's a recap of what's going on in the cloud.

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If there was a trend this month, it was a slight abundance of comparison articles. You know the ones: "X vs. Y, Which One Is Best for You?" In addition to that, there was some great advice for containerization and orchestration worth checking out. And around the web, there's been a focus on cloud security, cloud adoption, and the impact of edge computing on the cloud. Take a look at this assortment of articles to catch up!

Looking Cloudy Out

  1. AWS Lambda vs. Azure Functions vs. Google Functions, by Asaf Yigal.
  2. IaaS vs. CaaS vs. PaaS vs. FaaS: Choosing the Right Platform, by Karl Isenberg.
  3. The Greatest Trick the Public Cloud Ever Pulled, by Mike Bushong.
  4. Microservices Dockerization, by Sunny Gupta.
  5. Deploy Kubernetes Anywhere, by Akshai Parthasarathy.

Going Stormchasing

Thinking Beyond Cloud Computing

If you haven't paid much attention to edge computing, it's time to focus on it. This great article on Wired details the limitations of cloud computing, particularly in the world of IoT and self-driving cars. Check out the impact edge networks will have on datacenters and how providers will have to adapt to these pending changes.

How Long Does It Take to Move Workloads to the Cloud?

Ever wondered if there was a mathematical formula for lifting and shifting? Well, there's not, but this article on InfoWorld offers a rule of thumb to consider for your workloads. What do you think? Has it been accurate in your experience? Or is there room for improvement with the idea? 

Protecting Cloud Data

Google and Microsoft just made some news on the cloud security front. Here's an overview on GeekWire of what they've been up to, but in short, it looks like Google is working with Spotify to release a set of open source tools designed for security teams working on GCP. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that it's developed a way to protect data while it's in use, offering better protection for Azure customers.

Who's Hiring?

DevOps Lead

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA


  • 4+ years of experience
  • Experience with large-scale production systems
  • Ability to deliver in startup environment

DevOps Engineer

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


  • Good communication skills

  • Experience of Azure or AWS cloud services

  • Advanced Linux and Windows administration skills

  • Solid understanding and experience with DevOps best practices and principles

  • Experience working in a web hosting environment

  • Java web server technologies, Tomcat, Jboss, Apache, NginX

  • Excellent knowledge of one of more scripting languages preferably Bash or Powershell

  • Good knowledge of container technologies including Docker, optionally Swarm or Kubernetes

  • Understanding of networking, TCP/IP, DNS, firewall and load balancing

  • Familiarity with a programming language, preferably Java or .NET

  • Experience with automation/Configuration Management (Ansible, Puppet etc.)

  • Monitoring tools and techniques (Nagios, ELK Stack, Graphana, Zabbix, Dynatrace)

  • Source Control and Continuous Integration technologies (Git, Jenkins, Teamcity)

  • Keen interest in deployment pipelines and continuous delivery (Octopus Deploy)

Diving Deeper Into Cloud

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