This Month in IoT: Cyborgs, Blockchain, and Pools

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This Month in IoT: Cyborgs, Blockchain, and Pools

This month in IoT, we look at the latest advancements in cyborg parts, IoT data platforms, and some cool DIY projects you can try at home.

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The great thing about IoT is how diverse it is. Whether you're into the Industrial Internet or you're more interested in DIY projects, we've got something for you to check out. This month, take a look at how robotics, standards, and protocols are adapting, as well as what techs go with IoT, like blockchain.

Connecting You With What's Cool

  1. Becoming the First Cyborgs With Liviu Babitz [Podcast], by Cate Lawrence. It's so easy to think of cyborgs in the same vein as Luke getting a new arm after Vader cut his off (spoilers? I mean, really, who hasn't seen Empire yet?). But in reality, cybernetic implants are starting much smaller. If you've got some time, you should really check out the Gregarious Mammal podcast to see what cybernetics look like today.
  2. The IoT Data Platform: Architectural Approaches, by Mark Herring. IoT is (largely) about data, and this post covers several of the more popular platforms out there, describing how the IoT fits in and how to make the most of your data with a high-level architectural overview.
  3. Making IoT Better With Blockchain, by Jade Parker. IoT and Blockchain are two (relatively) new technologies that happen to line up perfectly in a variety of use cases. Get a look at some of those use cases and see if blockchain is right for your IoT solution.
  4. Using an IoT Platform vs. Doing it Yourself, by Cameron Klotz. This one is pretty much what it says on the tin, and it's an important consideration to make. Here's a breakdown of when to push ahead on your own and when to forgo all that work and just buy one.
  5. There's No Winner in the IIoT Protocols War, by Paolo Patierno. "We should make a universal IoT standard!" (Obligatory xkcd link.) But on a serious note, there are just too many use cases out there for there to be a single winner in the IIoT space. Paolo's articles will shed some light.

IoT Around the Web

A DIY Pool Thermometer

It wouldn't be an IoT recap without some sort of interesting project you can do in your cave. Here's a great guide to monitoring the temperature in your pool (assuming you have one) and controlling the pool's pump with a helping hand from a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

From Legacy to Leading Edge

This article is a solid look at how IIoT standards have evolved over time and what's standing in the way of progress. Namely, the need for industry-wide, agreed-upon, (ideally) open standards is out there.

Keeping Your Cables Clean

Are you afraid to look behind your TV or computer? Nervous that the cables will reach out, snatch you up, and that you'll never be seen again? Do your IoT devices have cords strewn about everywhere? Here are some great, simple tips to keep your cables organized and neat.

Who's Hiring?

Solution Architect


Location: Anywhere


  • Experience with embedded environments such as Wind River Workbench, ARM Workbench, QNX Momentics, Greenhills, and/or TI Code Composer
  • Knowledge of the Software Development Lifecycle and associated development best practices
  • Experience as a C/C++ Software Developer and building unit tests in a common framework
  • Experience with scripting in Bash/Bourne and Windows
  • Experience with static analysis tools
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field

Site Reliability Engineer: Founding Team Member

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Location: San Francisco, California, United States


  • Demonstrated ability to write programs using a high-level programming language like: Java, Python, Ruby, Go, or C++
  • Strong DevOps background for Linux based systems
  • Scripting languages
  • Configuration management tools; Ansible, Chef or Puppet
  • Linux system internals and networking (Layer 1 to Layer 3) expertise
  • Basic knowledge of AWS; EC2 instances, setting up accounts/users, and troubleshooting issues
  • Docker and Container Orchestration experience
  • SQL and databases knowledge- Hadoop Environment experience strongly preferred
  • Mesos Enterprise DC/OS is strongly preferred but not required

Diving Deeper Into IoT

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