August in Java: The Java 9 Edition

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August in Java: The Java 9 Edition

This Java 9-themed tutorial and news recap will get you situated for the release of JDK 9 later this month. From modules to Jshell, we've got you covered.

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This month, I thought about doing something different. Usually, I try to compile articles that hit a variety of high notes for a wide array of people: Java, Spring, Java EE, other JVM languages, performance tips, etc.

But we all know why you're here today. We know what's going on later this month. And with that in mind, let's take a look at some of the biggest and best Java 9-related articles that have been released on DZone this year (yes, I'm aware that it's "This Month in Java," but I'm the czar of this series and I'm mad with power) as well as some looks at what's going on around the web. So, without further ado, let's get started!

It's (Java) 9 O'clock

Coffee and the News

Twice-Yearly Releases

Oracle is evidently planning twice-yearly releases for your favorite dev kit! (Assuming your favorite dev kit is JDK 9, of course.) That's certainly an ambitious plan, and, with luck, the shift in mindset will lead to more regular releases so Java can keep up with its competitors out there — as well as helping avoid massive delays when big anchor features end up needing more time. Not that anyone blames you, modules.

Java 9's Exciting Features

In case you didn't get enough tutorials above, the good people at Takipi compiled their favorite pending features a couple of months back, complete with code examples. Everything from important API updates to a primer on Jshell is there for you to take a look at so you can be ready when Java 9 hits GA.

Get Ready for JavaOne

Book your flights, get your tickets, and reserve your hotel room: JavaOne is around the corner. Obviously, this isn't strictly about Java 9, but we can't let JavaOne go unmentioned (series czar, remember?). Besides, take a look at that session list. Whether you're excited about Java 9 or not, there's bound to be something you're just aching to see.

Who's Hiring?

Lead Software Engineer
Thomson Reuters

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Experience: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent years of experience; 7 to 10 years software development experience using Java and JavaScript; experience using Agile Methodologies (primarily SCRUM); expert design skills, including significant knowledge of core libraries and common design patterns; 3 to 5 years of leadership skills with a track record of mentoring, setting technical goals, and delegating tasks.

PHP Java Developer
Central Technology Organization

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Experience: A strong love for coding quality and experience; good experience in developing software and having done it before; beginner, medium, or expert level in PHP7, GoLang, JavaScript, Java, Scala, or C#; experience in APIs (REST), larger code bases, Git, Docker/Kuberentes is a plus; candidate with more experience may be considered for a senior position; fast learner, self-motivated with a can-do attitude.

Diving Deeper Into Java

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