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This Month in Performance: Web Performance and Replacing Selenium IDE

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This Month in Performance: Web Performance and Replacing Selenium IDE

Take your web performance further, read about mobile performance testing and optimization, and take a look at job opportunities, plus our free Guides and Refcardz.

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This month in the Performance Zone is all about upping your game. We're here to help you optimize your web and mobile performance, learn more performance concepts with our Guides and Refcardz, and talk about what to do now that the popular Selenium IDE is being deprecated. Learn a little bit about a lot of different methods. Let's go!

5 Trending Performance Articles on DZone

  1. Web Performance 101: HTTP Headers, by Kameerath Kareem. Knowing the basics of HTTP headers is key to understanding the performance of any web or proxy server.

  2. In Search of the Selenium IDE’s Successor, by Brian Anderson. Take a look back on the Selenium framework's history and success, and potential replacements for the popular Selenium IDE, as it is being deprecated.

  3. Future Proofing for Crazy Performance Optimizations [Snippet], by Oren Eini. Learn how this one JavaScript design decision can lead to greater efficiency and optimized performance for databases.

  4. 5 Tips on Concurrency, by Igor Sorokin. In this tutorial, we go over several different ways you can handle concurrency in your Java-based applications.

  5. GC Explained: Heap, by Grzegorz Mirek. Learn about the main advantages of having the heap divided into two regions, generational garbage collectors, and the object lifecycle, and check out the rest of the "GC Explained" series

Performance Around the Web

  1. Save money and make your website better—by killing JavaScript, Bryan Lunduke, June 5, 2017. Don't just slap a temporary fix on web performance problems, go straight to the source. How do you do that? Watch out, JavaScript.

  2. Android vitals helps developers improve app performance, Christina Cardoza, July 11, 2017. Google provides some insight into its Android vitals mobile performance solution, announced this summer at I/O.

  3. Always test remote app performance with a WAN emulator, Mark Dargin, September 19, 2017. Learn why testing remotely with a WAN emulator is essential prior to deployment to ensure great performance for your users.

Dive Deeper Into Performance

1. DZone's Guide to Performance: Optimization and Monitoring: a free ebook download.

2. Scalability & High Availability: DZone's latest Refcard on performance methodology.

Who's Hiring?

Here you can find a few development-related opportunities from our Jobs community. See if any match your skills and apply online today!

Lead Performance Engineer
Location: Mountain View, CA, United States
Experience: Minimum 10+ years of experience in performance engineering, strong experience on performance testing tools – Loadrunner, JMeter, Silkperfomer.

Java Developer
Enterprise Solution Inc.
Location: New York, NY, United States
Experience: Experience and expert level programming skills in Java, C++, or similar. Experience in grid computing and/or low latency transactional systems.

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