This Week in Firebase: Analytics and JavaScript Promises

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This Week in Firebase: Analytics and JavaScript Promises

This week, we examine how to use JavaScript promises in Firebase, incorporating Firebase Analytics into apps, and the the pros and cons of Firebase nine months in.

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It was just Valentine’s week, so let’s start This Week in Firebase with that most romantic of statements — the promise.

In this case, though, it isn’t a promise of eternal devotion or love, but this really awesome article by Jorge Vergara on promises in JavaScript, and using them with Firebase. Great angle!

The type of feedback I love the most is the honest, detailed, feedback that comes from a place of authenticity. With that in mind, this article by Paul Breslin is priceless. He tells us about his experiences with Firebase — 9 months in. Great stuff. Thanks, Paul. Like any other software, Firebase is constantly evolving, and it’s with feedback like yours we will continue to improve it.

Aaron Saunders meanwhile open sourced a neat little reference app for Ionic, AngularFire and more. Check it out on GitHub.

This week I also discovered a series of great blog posts by sakulstra, with Part IV being about Next.Js meeting Firebase.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to save images to the Firebase real-time database, YouTube user Mitch Tabian has you covered with this great video.

On the official Firebase blog, Todd Kerpelman continued his prolific writing with a post on using Firebase Analytics in apps that already have Google Analytics.  If you’ve ever wondered, now you know

Remote Config is one of my favorite features on Firebase, and my colleage Doug Stevenson gets to play with it all day. I’m so jealous. Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered how it works, and how this amazingly simple technology empowers many awesome scenarios, check out his latest video —Getting Started with Remote Config on Android.

And last, but not least, Growth Hacking being one of my passions, the latest episode of Pirate Metrics in Firebase — on making money with your app —  has gone online. AAARR!

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