This Week in Firebase: Ionic and Cloud Messaging

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This Week in Firebase: Ionic and Cloud Messaging

This article rounds up the highlights of the week in the Firebase developer community, featuring developers' solutions and articles.

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So many great things to talk about this week. We’re all hard at work preparing for Google IO 2017, but with so much going on in the Firebase community, I had to take some time out to read some of the highlights. What a wonderful time to be a developer!

Community Roundup

Let’s start with this article from Jorge (aka javebratt) about uploading pictures for Firebase Storage with the Ionic framework. He’s working on a book on Firebase with Ionic. I’m not an Ionic person, but I was easily able to follow. Nice work, Jorge!

While we’re talking Ionic, the folks at zcon solutions have a blog on using Firebase Cloud Messaging with it!

A terrific post (as usual!) from Ezequiel Reyno on Advanced querying and joining with Firebase. Love it.

Jen Looper walks us through creating a real time chat interface with Firebase and Angular!

Saul Diaz gave a great talk on ‘Getting Down to Business with Firebase’ at realm, covering Analytics, Crash Reporting, Remote Config, Dynamic links, App Indexing and more. Check it out.

Nick Holcombe started a new series on why you should care whether your app was built using Firebase. Can’t wait to see where that goes! 

A really nice quickstart to using Firebase + React Native from Varun Raj! If you are into React, there’s also a nice open source library for React with Firebase Cloud Messaging from Libin Lu here.

Ihor Klimov wrote a neat article on Cloud Functions for Firebase!

Official Channels

A great BigQuery Tip from Todd Kerpelman on using the UNNEST Function.

Doug Stevenson tells us how to Take Control of Firebase Init on Android!

I got to be the guest on #MeetFirebase. So much fun! 

And if you haven’t watched it yet, you have to check out this great session from Google Cloud Next ’17 on Live coding an app with Firebase and GCP.

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