This Week in #Firebase - October 13, 2017

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This Week in #Firebase - October 13, 2017

See how you can apply Firebase's capabilities to everything from IoT to Slack, Angular, Google Analytics, and more in this weekly roundup.

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If you want to meet me, most importantly to get some Google and Firebase swag, including sample copies of my Firebase book, I'm doing a bunch of events over the next couple of weeks. I'll list them at the bottom!

So much to talk about this week...let's just get to it! 

Community Roundup

A technology that's always close to my heart: Firebase Auth had a great video this week from the folks at Angular Firebase - on authenticating users with Google Sign In, Firestore and AngularFire.

While we're talking about Firestore, here's how to get started with Cloud Firestore on React Native via Elliot Hesp.

Still on Firestore - a terrific piece by Varun Raj on sending Slack Notifications using Firebase Cloud Functions and Firestore!

Ever wanted to build a status update app? Neo Ighodaro shows you how using Angular and Firebase.

Amanda Shroeder wrote a great article on Reporting in Google Analytics for Firebase that I learned a lot from. Thanks!

A technology I've been working on - Phone Number Auth in Firebase - has a great tutorial from the folks at Auth0. Nice!

I really wish I could have been in Tokyo for #phpcon2017 where @sota1235 did a very interesting looking session on realtime messaging using the Firebase Realtime Database.

The simplified iOS folks have a nice video on using the Realtime Database in iOS using Swift. I need to learn me some more swift, based on many of the comments I get in my iOS videos. I think I just might follow this series to do so...

This tweet from @viktorminator just made my day...

A neat video from Traversy Media on creating a contact form app using Firebase.

Gerwin Sturm put together a cool article on medium about DocumentSnapshot v QuerySnapshot.

I love things, internet of things and Android things. And in this article, by Franceso Azzola, you'll learn how to use Android Things with Firebase to control an RGB LED remotely in real-time. That's fun!

Who doesn't love MMORPG's? Learn how to build one with Firebase and Swift via Zane Claes.

Where in the World Is Laurence?

October 24 - GDG Cardiff, hosted in Cardiff Central Library

October 25 - Speaking at Cardiff University

October 27 - Droidcon London

October 28 - GDG DevFest Dublin

October 31 - Firebase Dev Summit 2017, with a special few surprises you do not want to miss...

November 15 - GDG Seattle

December - a number of locations in Asia. Details forthcoming.

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