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This Week in Firebase: Robots, Data, and the Firebase of Things

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This Week in Firebase: Robots, Data, and the Firebase of Things

Firebase continues to find new uses, including backing the robots-on-demand service and finding room in the IoT space. Get a look at data modeling and other hints, too.

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Lots of updates in the community this week (aren’t there always!) but here are a few that caught my eye.

Firebase of Things

First up is James Puderer, who — wait for it — built a garage-door opener with a Raspberry Pi and Cloud Messaging. Wuh-what? Really? Yep. Check out his article, including some fun screenshots of his contraption on HackaDay, and the original post where James described how he built it. Great stuff! Full source code included.

Open Source Goodness

If you’ve ever wanted to write your own ride-sharing infrastructure a la Uber or Lyft, there’s a neat new open-source infrastructure called LibreTaxi, which uses Firebase for its data storage. Best part, it’s open source, so why limit to car sharing? Has to be lots of opportunities to build something great, and the folks at libretaxi have given you the first steps to do so. Nice work!

Robots on Demand!

I learned from @RobGoldiez that their industrial robots, and the robots-on-demand service, is powered by Firebase! Can’t wait to learn more, so watch this space!

Data, Data, Data, How Do I Normalize Thee?

@skielo continues to be one of my favorite Firebase bloggers, this week publishing an excellent article on structuring Firebase data, with an emphasis on denormalization. I get asked for tips on this a lot, so I know this is a really useful post. Nice work!

Continuing the theme of database modeling, the folks at @AngularUniv put out a great video on database normalization with Firebase in their 101 series. Check it out.

Store Your Images

The nice chappies from Ionic Ireland also put out a post on uploading images to Firebase Storage using ionic. Go raibh mile mile maith agait!

Official Blog

It’s been a busy week on the Firebase Official Blog, with articles from yours truly on FirebaseUI Auth, Jacob Wenger on Firebase Cloud Messaging with Node.js, and Todd Kerpelman on Debugging Firebase Cloud Messaging in iOS.

Pirate Metrics

Last but not least, the Pirate Metrics series I’ve been working on, and having way too much fun with (wait till you see the outtakes), had a new episode go online. This week we cover the other ‘A’ in AARRR, Activation:

That’s it for this week’s roundup. As always, if you want to be featured, reach out to me, or make a comment in the box below! See you next week.

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