This Week in Hadoop: NiFi, Kafka, Spark, and More

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This Week in Hadoop: NiFi, Kafka, Spark, and More

Here is what's hot this week in the big world of Big Data.

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This week the big news is the coming HDF 2.0 and the release of Apache NiFi 1.0 Beta.   NiFi has a redesigned UI, more processors and more production level features.   

HDF 2.0

HDF 2.0 is released with a ton of improvements including Ambari integration, Spark 1.0,  Zero Master Clustering, Zookeeper, Storm Ambari views, updated UI, multi-tenant authentication and more.

Apache NiFi has released 1.0.0-Beta which includes an incredible number of changes and a new very modern fast UI.   I definitely recommend evaluating this interesting software.

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Apache Kylin is an interesting OLAP and Distributed Analytics Engine that provides fast SQL on Hadoop. See: Apache Kylin with HBase

Spark Machine Learning 

Web Tools

IoT in Java

A cool article for working with Sensors (IoT) using Intel Edison and Java.

Cool Big Data Articles From Spring One

Most Interesting Article of the Week

Uber's Case for Incremental Processing on Hadoop

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