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This Week in Hadoop and More: HDF 2, HDP 2.5, GearPump, LinkedIn's Ambry, and Paddle Paddle

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This Week in Hadoop and More: HDF 2, HDP 2.5, GearPump, LinkedIn's Ambry, and Paddle Paddle

There's lots of interesting updates and new projects going around including HDP 2.5, HDF 2.0, Python's Paddle Paddle and Apache GearPump.

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Need to build an application around your data? Learn more about dataflow programming for rapid development and greater creativity. 

HDF 2.0 released with 0ver 170 processors and now includes Ambari installation and management.

HDP 2.5 Sandbox Now available for download for VMWARE and VIRTUALBOX.   This includes supported integrated version of Apache Zeppelin, Apache Spark 1.6.2 and a preview of Spark 2.

A cool selection of Free Datasets linked at DataQuest.  You had me at Free.

Applying Kafka Streams is yet another streaming option.   See this link site has all the streaming, Awesome Streaming!

Spark Streaming Meetup Github.

Interesting new streaming engine, Apache GearPump based on Akka.  It's incubating at Apache. Read this tutorial to write your first app and deploy on HDP YARN.

Cool new book just came out, Practical Hive, on the latest Hive updates, with very knowledgeable writers.

Interesting framework:  StreamCQL is Continuous Query Language on RealTime Computation System build on Apache Storm and optionally Apache Kafka.  Another Huawei Big Data project, they are doing some interesting things with Spark and Big Data. 

Another interesting framework,  Python Paddle Paddle for Deep Learning

Yet another interesting data project from LinkedIn, Ambry, in scalable object store for lots of smaller objects.  

Check out the Exaptive data application Studio. Technology agnostic. No glue code. Use what you know and rely on the community for what you don't. Try the community version.

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