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This Week in IoT: Smart Cities and Real-Time Analytics

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This Week in IoT: Smart Cities and Real-Time Analytics

This IoT roundup covers everything from connected supply chains to how smart cities should be built, as well as how real-time data is coming to sports fans.

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We love learning about the continuing explosion of IoT applications and how they’re transforming our world. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the most interesting pieces we’ve read recently.

IoT For Perishable Goods Transportation

We loved this article because it combines two areas GigaSpaces is deeply involved with: Transportation and IoT. We loved it even more because it clearly demonstrates how we can use technology to reduce waste, save energy, improve our food supply chain, and ultimately improve the world we live in. As Kuriakose points out, our food chain dominates the usage of land and water resources, while consuming a full 10 percent (or more) of our energy resources, yet $165 billion of food is wasted each year. By deploying more sophisticated, intelligent and connected systems in transportation and food storage, we can take big strides toward solving this problem.

Here’s What It Takes to Be a Smart City

CNET Editor Ian Sherr explores what Chicago and Cincinnati have done to become “smart cities.” Quoting Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Sherr points out that municipal governments have “huge amounts” of data, which should be put to use making cities—and their governments—more efficient. From real-time traffic information to emergency management to utility system management, there are real opportunities for cities to harness big data, as well as opportunities for developers to create apps, build a data-based business, and more.

How the World’s Smartest Cities are Being Built

Here’s another good – and highly visual – round-up of how cities are becoming smarter. What’s interesting is how smart technology is really starting to touch every aspect of urban living. From governance to energy to healthcare to transportation, and many other aspects of city life, smart technology is making it possible for cities to better manage growth, balance resources, and reduce waste. And most–if not all–of these advances are empowered by IoT technology.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist (click to enlarge)

The NHL and Diageo Tap Into Real-Time Data to Modify the Fan Experience on the Fly

Beverage brand Diageo and its ad agency created an immersive brand experience that generated real-time data from a network of cameras, interactive screens and more, and make changes to the experience “on the fly.” Moreover, agency partners were able to access event data in real-time from anywhere in the world. As Ariens writes, At each of the activations, MVRK installed a networked system of robotically controlled cameras, interactive screens and, of course, an interactive turntable for fans to engage with. The immersive experience tracked and delivered real-time analytics, allowing MVRK to make changes on the fly.

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