This Week in Mobile: Swift and the WWDC

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This Week in Mobile: Swift and the WWDC

Test your Swift knowledge, help developers and designers to get on better... and the waiting game for WWDC.

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Next week sees the pinnacle of the iOS developer year — WWDC. Expect lots of news from the event over the course of the week. If you are going to WWDC, or are in San Francisco over the course of the week, follow @WWDCParties  to keep track of what events are going on.


The big pre-WWDC news this week surrounds upcoming changes to the how to App Store works. Paid search has been discussed for some time, but now there's talk of a subscription model where developers will get rewarded with a bigger cut of the revenue for keeping users interested for more than a year.Read more about it in App Store 2.0 from The Verge.

Want to see if you Swift knowledge is up to scratch? Test you knowledge in WWDC 2016: The Pregame Quiz.

The NSNotificationCenter protocol is Swift's way to implement the Observer pattern. Learn more about it in this article.

Codifying Style Guides in Swift gives some excellent advice on how you make sure your developer and designer can live in harmony.

Following on in that theme, here's a talk about 10 Ways to Get Designers in Your Swift Codebase by Helen Holmes.

Building icons can involve a fair amount of drugery - so here's your new favorite utility, an App icon generator for iOS, watchOS and OSX.

In Parse Server - 100 Days Later you can read about the current status of the new open source project, and take a look at what options you have for migrating from the service.

Projects to check out: 


Exploring Buy With Android Pay is the deep dive into Android Pay that you've been waiting for. 

You've heard about the SOLID principles for Android app development right? If not, it's worth taking some time to learn about them.

Better Android Intents with Dart & Henson shows how you can create intents in a more robust fashion with this new library.

You can never have too many ways to do one thing, so here's Yet another way for applying fonts.

Meaningful code reviews are tricky. This list of 10 things to check on Android code reviews will help you make better judgments when reviewing code.

Projects to check out:

  • BlurView: Dynamic iOS-like blur of underlying Views for Android

  • DrawerBehavior: A CoordinatorLayout behavior which mimics the functionality of DrawerLayout

  • yasea : RTMP streaming client in pure Java for Android for those who hate JNI

  • material-tipAndroid Library for prompt tip


You want to build an app but you don't know what that app will do? We've all been there. Here's some advice on How to Come Up With A Great App Idea.

There's probably a lot more, but here's an opinion on 6 Differences Between Good Designers and Great Designers.

Raising money for your startup is getting much more difficult. Here's an insight on Changes in the Venture Capital Funding Environment.


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