This Week in Mobile: WWDC Takeover Edition

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This Week in Mobile: WWDC Takeover Edition

With the dust settling after the latest WWDC, this edition covers the most important iOS 12 news.

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WWDC has been and gone, with lots of little incremental improvements that do add up to a bigger result. Make sure to check out the Platforms State of Union to see what’s new in Machine Learning, improvements to your security and a whole host of other tweaks in how you develop in Xcode 10. 


Here’s a quick rundown on what you get with Swift 4.2. Of course it’s Swift 5.0 that you’ll see the big changes, such as having the runtime included in the OS - a huge step forward, and it is bound to have an impact on your app size. 

Xcode 10 in Action covers all the major announcements from the Platforms State of the Union, including the new build system, details on parallel testing and custom code snippets. 

John Sundell covered a lot of topics over the week of WWDC. Read all his articles here covering Xcode 10, Signposts, Swift 4.2, Core Animation and Natural Language Processing.

Jordan Morgan gives a rundown of the Notable UIKit Additions in iOS 12.

Using Generics and Descriptors to Standarise Icons, Images and Placeholders on iOS gives a nice strategy for consistency in your app’s user experience. 

Hacking My Shell Prompt So I Make Fewer Mistakes Working with Xcode Projects gives a short tip on how to have the current Xcode version you’re working with displayed on the terminal.

Looking for a methodology for building your apps on a solid architecture? Then check out iOS Factor

Real World iOS Design Patterns shows how to apply some of the standard patterns, highlighting the problems that they actually solve. 

Interesting security related post here that shows how to Write Swift Code to Intercept SSL Pinning HTTPS Requests

Some projects to check out: 


It’s the first in-depth article I’ve seen on the topic, and I’m still not sure I’d recommend it. Swift for Android: Our Experience and Tools shows how Spark for Teams has created a toolchain to make it easier.

Joe Birch continues his series on Exploring Firebase MLKit on Android, this time covering face detection. 

Here is a quick guide to Implementing BottomAppBar, one of the new Material Components announced at this year’s Google I/O. Also, check out part 3 of this series on the Android Navigation Components, covering deep linking among other things

Reduce Overdraw From Your Android Application is an important guide to improving performance in your application by ensuring you are drawing pixels only when you need to. 

Some projects to check out: 

  • Andromeda: Simplifies local/remove communication for Android modularization 
  • capillary: Simplify the sending of end-to-end encrypted push messages from Java-based application servers to Android clients
  • android-sunflower: A gardening app illustrating Android development best practices with Android Jetpack
  • Yaksa: A lightweight RecyclerView tool that lets you render items like JavaScript 


Your annual essential reading - Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2018.

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