This Week in Mobile - Flutter Beta 2 and Swift 4.1

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This Week in Mobile - Flutter Beta 2 and Swift 4.1

This week, we've seen a new beta for Flutter, and following the release of Swift 4.1, we get to see some of the more subtle changes in the language.

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Crossing the iOS and Android divide is Flutter, and the beta 2 of Flutter has just been announced. I’m still not convinced, but it’s something that no mobile developer should completely ignore.


Here’s a great list of the behind-the-scenes improvements in the newly released Swift 4.1. These are things that you might not have noticed at first, but are extremely interesting to know. 

Achieving continuous delivery can feel like a weight off your shoulders when you have been beaten up with the fear of big releases. Here’s the Complete iOS Guide on Continuous Delivery With Fastlane and Jenkins.

Using the Builder Pattern in Swift is another in a series of articles from John Sundell that will continue to improve your code quality.

Some projects to check out: 


If you’re about to take the plunge onto the Play Store, make sure to use this Android App Release Checklist for The Production Launch.

I know this is something every Android developer will want to see; How to Reduce Android Build Times by 89%. Enough said! 

RxJava fans should check out Coroutines and RxJava - An Asynchronicity Comparison to see if this Kotlin feature is as great as it seems on the surface.

Make sure to check out this article about The D8 Dexer, the replacement for DX 

Some projects to check out: 

  • Hyperion-Android: App Debugging and Inspection Tool for Android. 
  • AndroidNavigation: A library managing nested Fragment, StatusBar, and Toolbar for Android. 
  • RxRouter: Lightweight, simple, smart and powerful Android routing library.


Love podcasts? Need more information as a designer. Then check out these 13 Podcasts Every Designer Should Listen To.

Stuck for an idea for your app? This Superb iOS Design Inspiration article should help you out of your rut.

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