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This Week in Mobile: iOS Skills Matrix

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This Week in Mobile: iOS Skills Matrix

Ever wondered if you really cut it as a senior iOS developer? Check out the skills matrix to find if you're as good as you think

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Trying to establish what level of iOS developer you are? Or trying to work out the level you need to hire. Check out the iOS Developer Skills Matrix. Speaking of hiring, if you’re looking for some questions, here’s a good list to get you started.

This quick tip will show you how to create Equally Spaced UICollectionViews.

Here’s another rundown on what happened during WWDC 2018, and just in case that’s not enough try this one. And here’s an article that focusses on the new features in Swift 4.2 

ARKit 2.0 seems like a good stuff forward, see how to achieve Realistic Reflections and Environment Textures.

Some projects to check out:

  • createml-playgrounds: Create ML playgrounds for building machine learning models. For developers and data scientists
  • ShortcutsDemo: Demo showing how to handle two Siri Shortcuts
  • sift-ios: Uncover network traffic in real-time for every app on your phone 
  • mapbox-scenekit: Bring rich 3D terrain into your iOS app


Bottom sheets in Flutter looks at how to use Persistent and Modal sheets to prompt for further interaction in your applications 

Learn how to go about Styling Internationalized Text in Android, with the core idea being to use HTML tags for all string resources. 

Ask any Android developer what they got wrong early on in their career and it’s Context. With that in mind, it’s worth reading Mastering Android Context (and sharing with your team). 

Learn how to detect Background and Foreground Events with Android Architecture Components

Here’s a great article that explains themes very well, even going to show how to change them in real time.

Some projects to check out: 

  • ParticlesDrawable: Draws random flying particles in space forming constellations 
  • deep-clean: A Kotlin script that nukes all build caches from Gradle/Android projects. Useful when Gradle  or the IDE let you down 
  • mockk: Mocking library for Kotlin


Stuck in a design rut? Here are 15 Creative UI Design Concepts for Everyday Needs covering a multitude of use cases. 

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