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This Week in Mobile: iPhone X Edition

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This Week in Mobile: iPhone X Edition

iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple Watch 3: we’re biased towards Apple content this week but that’s to be expected on launch week.

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I guess most of us were watching eagerly to see if all the leaks were true last Tuesday at the iPhone launch event. Ten years after the original iPhone, it's good to see Apple still innovating, although not at the level that we've grown to expect. Still, I'd imagine the iPhone X is going to be an extremely popular phone, despite its price. 


With the release of iPhone X, you’re going to need to consider how your app can take advantage of the new screen size. Apple comes to the rescue with an updated version of the Human Interface Guidelines as well as a bunch of new videos, covering Building Apps for iPhone X, Designing for iPhone X and  Face Tracking with ARKit. 

With iPhone X, there’s no more home button, so instead, you’re going to need to get your head around Dealing with Home Indicator. Although you’re not supposed to mess with it, there are ways that you can interact with it, all explained in this post. 

If you’ve ever got frustrated with build times, you’ll be interested in How To Make Swift Compile Faster. Still on build times, here’s how to Cache Carthage to Speed Up iOS Continuous Integration.

Nathan Chan has got some great advice on Handling Empty Optional Strings in Swift

Want to get better at your testing? Then read these 4 Tips to Master XCTestExpectation.

Some projects to check out: 

  • VegaScroll: Lightweight animation flow layout for UICollectionView. 
  • KUIPopOver: Easy to user popover in iOS. 
  • SwiftSoup: Pure Swift HTML Parser with best of DOM, CSS and jquery.
  • MediaBrowser: A simple iOS photo and video browser with optional grid view, captions, and selections. 
  • whats-the-user-doing: Raising awareness of what you can do with a smartphone’s gyro sensors. 


In ViewModels and LiveData: Patterns + AntiPatterns you’ll see some great tips about Android Architecture components, and how to work with ViewModels properly. 

 The Dark Side to Fragments talks about why fragments are not always the answer and gives some alternatives.

AsyncListUtil can be useful when you need to have data in your SQLite database displayed on a RecyclerView. See how you can keep database operations off the UI thread in How to Use AsyncListUtil

Kotlin coroutines are pretty popular at the moment, so wouldn’t it be interesting to see how Rewriting RxJava with Kotlin Coroutines would work?

Some projects to check out: 

  • garland-view-android: GarlandView seamlessly transitions between multiple lists of content. 
  • interviews: Everything you need to know to get the job. 
  • shot: Gradle plugin developed to facilitate screenshot testing for Android. 
  • CustomizableCalendar: A library that allows you to create your calendar, customising UI and behavior. 


Making your app accessible is often a goal that is given low priority in apps. Here are some Tips for Making Accessibility a Core Design Principle.

Want to make your users talk more about your product? Then you need to be designing for emotions

Here’s an interesting case study from Jeffrey Vanichsarn, a product designer at Uber, talking about how they went about Redesigning Uber for Business.

Although it was part of a hype cycle, here is some reasoning on why Flat UI Elements Attract Less Attention and Cause Uncertainty.  

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