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This week I've stumbled on a set of useful Swift tutorials, some interesting projects for your mobile app and an article that takes a critical look at Apple Watch app designs.


Hacking With Swift, is a really neat, full featured and free set of tutorials to help you get going with Swift. It's right up to date with iOS9 and Swift 2, and has a GitHub repository with all the sample projects. 

SwiftPages is a project that provides a swiping implementation to move between pages, as you might have seen in the Instagram app.


Exploring the new Android Permissions Model will bring you through the changes that are being brought about in Android M, and how this will affect your users' experience.

Improving Your Code with Android Support Annotations shows how you can use annotations to help Android Studio check your code for errors.


Google Acquires Pixate, a tool that allows you to create app prototypes easily. 

Meaningful Design for the Apple Watch looks at what most of the 8,500 apps are doing wrong and where the real opportunities lie.


The Horrible Pain and Awesome Opportunity of Tech Blind Spots is a great article to read if you're looking for your next big idea. In it, five blind spots are highlighted that could really do with a solution.  

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