This Week in Mobile: Become a Better Swift Developer and Mobile Design Best Practices

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This Week in Mobile: Become a Better Swift Developer and Mobile Design Best Practices

Read about Swift's roots in functional programming, how to be a better Swift developer and some essential design best practices.

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There's a huge variety in this week's set of links from tips on becoming a better Swift developer, where to start when creating a new iOS app, working with sensors in your Android app, and dealing with app restarts elegantly.

One link you must check out this week is Developer Thanksgiving from Realm, which lists some libraries and tools that we're thankful for.  


Rob Napier has a great talk from the try! Swift conference, where speaks about the Swift and the Legacy of Functional Programming. Perfect to get an appreciation of how Swift has been influenced by functional programming. 

Everyone wants to improve their skills. Here are some concrete code examples and techniques that will make you a better Swift developer. There's even a second part if you want to move to a completely new level!

Starting a project can be exciting... and overwhelming, with so much choice. Read Creating an iOS App from scratch which goes through the tools, pods and tricks of the trade that will make this a little easier. 

So I Wanted to Animate a Label explains how to use CADisplayLink to make your labels come to life.

Asynchronous programming can be a tricky concept at first, but once you've used it, you won't look back. The Futures Are Now - iOS and Asynchronous Development will take you through some frameworks and give a solid introduction to this approach.

Some projects to check out:

  • HGCircularSliderA custom reusable circular slider control for iOS application.
  • OverdriveFast async task based Swift framework with focus on type safety, concurrency, and multi-threading
  • SwiftPlateEasily generate cross-platform Swift framework projects from the command line
  • CDAlertViewHighly customizable alert/notification/success/error/alarm popup written in Swift 3
  • GlueKitType-safe observable values and collections in Swift


Android Process Death and the (big) Implications for Your App highlights an issue that a lot of apps suffer from; when the process crashes, the user is brought back to the last point they were at in the app, but probably without that shared data your were depending on.

Da Real Fragmentation - Sensors brings you through how to use different sensors in your app and how to deal with the problem that will pop up. 

A common problem in MVP is that the presenters end up with lifecycle events inside them (they shouldn't!). How can you manage this? Read the answers in Your Presenters Don't Need All Those Lifecycle Events.

Android High-Performance Programming is an essential reference for all Android developers out there. Here's a review of the book along with an author interview.

Some projects to check out:

  •  CrescentoAdd curve at bottom of image views and relative layouts.
  • ENViewsA cool dynamic view library
  • Android-Debug-DatabaseA library for debugging android databases and shared preferences - Make Debugging Great Again
  • LongPressPopupMake a Popup appear long pressing on a view and handle drag-release events on its elements


Mobile Design Best Practices is full of useful little tips that will make your app stand out. Unmissable.

Looking to start the next big thing but can't find the time? Here are some tips on How to Start a Company With No Free Time.

The Myth of Invisible Design talks against the trend of "the best UI is no UI". A very valid point raised is that products should be as visible as they need to be. 

Finally, we all know how prevalent it is, so read how to avoid burn out at a tech company and make sure it doesn't happen to you.

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