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This Week in Mobile: The Importance of Design Patterns and Creating Experiences That Last

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This Week in Mobile: The Importance of Design Patterns and Creating Experiences That Last

This week we've got something on design patterns for both iOS and Android developers and some essential projects to simplify development.

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This week Apple simplified the screenshot submission process; you can just add in the screenshots for the largest device in your device family, and iTunes will look after the rest. A huge time saver! 


Jeremy Kaczmarczyk has started out on a series that covers design patterns in Swift. The first of these is The Builder Pattern.

The Powerful Hidden Benefit to Testing View Controllers might make up your mind if you're on the fence about test driven development.

And while on the topic of testing, ready how Asynchronous Testing is made easy with XCTestExpectations.

The first decisions you make when starting out on a new app can be critical. Here's a list of things you should decide when starting a new iOS app.

If you like to listen to your iOS news on the go, check out this list of developer podcasts.

Some projects to check out: 

  • Postal: A Swift framework for working with emails.

  • IBLocalizable: Localize your views directly in Interface Builder.

  • Kakapo: Dynamically mock server behaviours and responses in Swift.

  • PrismaSimpleImagePickerThis is a copy of the Prisma App. Reproduce Prisma custom camera, image picker and picture editor. 


Learn how to Create Highly Modular Android apps by leveraging the Decorator Pattern.

App size is probably something you don't think about much, but it can make a difference to your end users. Here's how one company reduced their Android app size by 65%.

Looking for app inspiration? Here are 20 of the best Android apps from July.

Some projects to check out: 


How to Design For Experiences That Last takes an in-depth look into how we can create apps that stick in the memory of our customers.

Experience Mapping is another technique you can use to better understand how users will interact with your product. This article shows three easy steps you can follow to do your own experience mapping. 

From Photoshop to Sketch and beyond, learn How Tools Have Shaped the Role of the Designer.

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