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This Week in Mobile (August 14)

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This Week in Mobile (August 14)

Links from this week discuss the trends for 2015 mobile UX and some really useful Android reference apps.

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The internet is never short of advice; sometimes it's even good! Check out some of the links below for thoughts on third party library addition, good open source app references and some opinion on the trends for app design in 2015.


Save your future self from broken apps by asking these questions BEFORE adding a third-party framework to your app

It's always tempting to add third party libraries to your app, especially when it looks like a quick way to get an essential feature. Sometimes these decisions come back to bite you. Save yourself from library regret by following this checklist next time you feel the urge to add a new library.


Android Experiments

Similar to Chrome Experiments, this site from Google contains a number of open sourced projects that showcase interesting capabilities of Android phones, as well as some Wear projects for your Android powered smart watch.


This projects allows you to add pop up sheets to your apps with some really special animations.

Android Testing Templates

No one needs to be sold on the benefits of testing. When projects like this come along, which reduce the barrier to getting started with tests in your project, it becomes all the more simpler. 



Recently Felix Krause released gym for fastlane, which builds and packages iOS apps for you, reducing the amount of commands that you need to use on the terminal, and helps resolve common build errors like code signing issues.


Add essential charts to your WatchOS2 apps using the library.

App Design 

When One App Rules Them All: The Case of WeChat and Mobile in China
Most people have heard of WeChat, one of the most popular messaging apps in China. However, it's a much bigger deal, and is seen as more of a platform by some. This article takes an in-depth look at how the app works. 

Mobile: 2015 UI/UX Trends

You know what the best thing about creating mobile apps is? The "standards" for how an app should look change annually (sometimes even more!). This article looks at how flat design and Material design came into play and evolved into the trends that we see today. 

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