This Week in Mobile: Network Unit Testing and Making Things Simple With RxJava

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This Week in Mobile: Network Unit Testing and Making Things Simple With RxJava

Ever wanted to make life easier when unit testing network code in Swift? We have the answer, plus how to combine API requests with RxJava to make consuming data simpler.

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The biggest news for iOS developers this week is that the Swift community has moved onto kicking Swift 5 off, which you can expect to be released in late 2018, with ABI stability as a requirement.


The Complete Guide To Network Unit Testing In Swift will help you get to grips with the testability of your network layer by using dependency injection and mock objects. 

Another excellent post from John Sundell, this time looking Under the Hood of Futures & Promises in Swift. This deep dive will help you understand how to write async code that’s much easier to follow.

Make sure to check out this series on Design Patterns on iOS Using Swift from raywenderlich.com. For developers who want more structure to their code, knowing how to apply these patterns is essential.

Jordan Smith has put together a list of iOS 11 SDK Features That Didn’t Make the Headlines with Vector UIImage support, MapKit clustering, and Closure Based KVOs among the highlights. 

Some projects to check out: 

  • PandoraPlayer: A lightweight music player for iOS based on AudioKit. 
  • ARPaint: Draw with bare fingers in the air using ARKit.
  • UIDeviceComplete: UIDevice extensions that fill in the missing pieces.
  • AnyDate: Swift Date & Time API inspired by the Java 8 DataTime API. 
  • ExpandableCell: Awesome expandable, collapsible tableview cell for iOS.


Need to deal with multiple languages in your app? Here’s how to Change Language Programmatically at Runtime in Your App.

Learn How To Make Complex Requests Simple with RxJava in Kotlin by combining multiple API requests into one call. 

Here’s another RxJava themed article, this time showing How to Build SOLID Android Analytics to help you track how customers are using your app. 

If you’re looking to really get out into the Kotlin community, you should check out Kotlin Conf happening this November in San Francisco. The sessions listed already look fantastic. 

Some projects to check out: 


Far too often you’ll find error messages that aren’t very descriptive, as if they were added as an afterthought. Here is some advice on How To Write a Perfect Error Message.

With books on the principles of product design, design thinking, and a design leadership handbook, every self-respecting designer should check out DesignBetter.co.

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