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This Week In Mobile (August 21)

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This Week In Mobile (August 21)

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Mobile developers get the official release of Android M, getting featured on the app store can be a bad thing and some design tips you shouldn't ignore. It's all here!


This week Google released the official Android 6.0 SDK and unveiled that the M stands for Marshmallow! One of the big things with this release is that it features a new permissions model. 

The new Google Play services includes a face detection API which is pretty awesome. Check out this article from the Android developers blog which explains it all.

Building a game? Robert Nystrom's Game Programming Patterns is an excellent book that you can read for free on the web now. It covers everything from standard design patterns to techniques for sequencing, decoupling and optimization. And this guy would know - he was working in EA for 8 years!


Did you know that there's a well known set of strings that, when used as user input, are likely to crash or at least cause problems with your apps? Me neither! Well, Naughty Keyboard from Romain Pouclet is an app, with full source on GitHub, that provides a keyboard of these strings pre-defined so that you can test how resilient your app is.

Dealing with images in your apps can be a struggle at times, so check out these four Xcode asset catalog secrets that might help to preserve your sanity!

If you're using Swift, you're probably using protocols. The thing is that you shouldn't use then recklessly. So just check out David Owens protocol recommendations.


The Fluid UI team put together 7 UI design trips when developing mobile apps. Some of the points might seem obvious, such as sticking to the OS guidelines, but it's always good to be on the right page with this stuff!

Getting featured on your platform's app store is always one of the main goals that a team has when launching their product, but M.G. Siegler explained why this is not the best way forward in Avoid the Feature. If you're just about to launch and are hungry for fame, take a few minutes to read this first! 

Finally check out why empty states deserve more design time. Most developers are guilty of focussing on happy paths, but what do you do with empty screens? 

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