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This Week in Mobile (August 28)

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This Week in Mobile (August 28)

Our weekly rundown of our favorite stories and projects from the mobile world

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This week we have a lot of really useful libraries for your iOS and Android applications, and have a bunch of stories about encouraging users to allow your notifications and how to get smooth scrolling in your table views.


A bit problem that most app designer face is a dependency on push notifications to keep a user in touch. People get tons of notifications daily on their phone, so how can you encourage them to give your app permission? Read this indepth article to see how one app changed their onboarding process to get around this problem.


Vysor is a pretty desktop application that allows you to control your Android phone. It has another fantastic feature though; you can share your phone and screen with any other Vysor user that you choose.  For distributed teams, this is a must.

Any new mobile OS is a big deal, and Android 6 is no exception to that rule. Random Musings on the Android 6.0 SDK will give you an excellent overview of what's included.

And now for some projects that caught my attention: 

  • Android-ActionQueue allows you to run actions in queue, one by one. Simple but effective 

  • Android-Boilerplate deals with a lot of common Android app patterns, freeing you to deal with the more creative side of app development 

  • Transition Player is a neat little library to help create interactive animations 

  • Glide is an image loading and caching library focussed on smooth scrolling.


Getting applications to perform really smoothly is an artform. Perfect Smooth Scrolling in UITableViews highlights all the optimizations that an iOS developer needs to use to achieve this level of app zen.

Swift Pattern Matching is a great rundown on how powerful the switch statement can be. 

There are a few Swift projects that I was looking at this week: 

  • Gloss is an new JSON parsing library 

  • KolodaView is a class that helps you create Tinder like cards on iOS

  • Persei is a really nice animated top menu for your Swift applications. 

  • AMScrollingNavbar is a scrollable UINavigationBar that follows the scrolling of a UIScrollView


Facebook Messenger now includes a new virtual assistant named M, it's answer to Siri and Cortana. The twist with Facebook is that there's a human ready to step in if your requests are too difficult for AI to solve.

I usually don't cover much Windows Phone news here, but I noticed that Microsoft are set to launch new Lumia devices this October. If the leak is to be believed, these phones look pretty good

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