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This Week in Mobile: The Different Ways to Look at View Controllers

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This Week in Mobile: The Different Ways to Look at View Controllers

See some different ways to manage your View Controllers, check out iOS and Android projects, and read a case against Kotlin for a change!

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Have you ever tried starting out with playgrounds instead of Interface Builder? Have you had problems running out of memory when loading bitmaps in your Android app? We've links about all this and more, including some of the hottest new projects from GitHub.


In Thirteen Ways of Looking at a View Controller, Greg Heo discusses the uses and abuses of View Controllers in search of a better way of structuring applications. 

Learn how Playground-Driven Development works at Kickstarter, by starting things out in playgrounds instead of interface builder.

Architecting iOS Apps with “Core” looks at how a central component in your iOS app can exist without UI dependencies, resulting in much cleaner code. 

Jon Sundell has put together two excellent articles about Building a Declarative Animation Framework in Swift.(Part Two)

Some projects to check out: 

  • xcodeproj: Swift library for parsing Xcode projects.
  • ARKit-CoreLocation: Combines the high accuracy of AR with the scale of GPS data. 
  • Gemini: Rich scroll based animation framework for iOS. 
  • ARCharts: Lovely Augmented Reality Charts for iOS.  


We’ve heard a lot about why you “need" to move to Kotlin, so it’s refreshing to read this piece that talks about the language being a victim of hype right now with Ryan Cooke presenting The Case Against Kotlin

If your app deals with images, you’re bound to have hit issues running out of memory. For those who want to really understand why, and to learn some techniques to make things better, this article about Loading Large Bitmaps Efficiently in Android is unmissable. 

URL Encoding is Material talks about why some special UTF characters don’t work well when going through the encoding process, and how a common class for encoding/decoding URLs is the best all-around solution.

The first part of this series on Bluetooth Low Energy on Android gives a complete starter overview to what you need to create a BLE client and server. 

Some projects to check out: 


To many, it might seem obvious, but it’s worth understanding how Typography Can Make or Break Your Design

We’re all pretty used to notifications, but this article asks the question Are Notifications a Dark Pattern

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